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  1. Have this one looping while I'm doing homework. Catchy, fun sweetness. Awesome track! The voice/lyrics really make it.
  2. This is a great ReMix. GREAT. I discovered it only a little while back when I downloaded the total OCRemix 0001-1500 collection and it has stayed in my "OCR Best" playlist ever since. Two months ago my brother died in a plane crash, he was a pilot and loved the Street Fighter series his whole life. He was the only one I ever saw get the "You have mastered Ken!" screen on SFII:Turbo [complete the game with all perfect rounds] and we lived and breathed SF as kids. This song makes me remember him [sFII:CE was another fave] so its really sad for me now, but such an awesome mix and a great reminder of an incredible Ken player and great guy. Long live SF, long live Ken!
  3. The composition is excellent, yes, and the Chozo Ruins coming in the middle is pretty awesome, and fine, the bass line really does something for the track ... yet, as a whole, it just sent me digging into my MP3 collection for the OST version. I don't know exactly what it was, but my best guess is a) it doesn't feel cohesive. The best bits are sampled almost wholesale from the OST tracks. The bits in between don't feel right. little 'bounty hunter badassness' is left. Its just a little too bouncy/happy and not enough 'fully charged plasma beam.' See comments below. I am a great fan of Phendrana Drifts' music, and I have always compared it to the Dam music from Goldeneye 64 in that the character's onscreen gun wobble when running matches the beat of the song perfectly. The Dam/Phendrana music was so hot I would always go back to that stage many times to wipe out the helpless enemies with maximum firepower, just to hear the music. That gun wobble/bassline connection obliterated, I just don't feel it for this track. How else am I supposed to look like a moron walking around my house pumping Phendrana music through my MP3 player and doing the gun wobble if its not there anymore?!
  4. This track is one of my favorites from Sonic 2 and it has gained 99 lives and invincibility with this ReMix from analoq. Crazy shit, man, and wonderful. As for the rest of Hedgehog Heaven, its absolutely amazing as far as projects go. I couldn't find a single track I like from the DKC project, despite loving the games sndtrck, even the ending theme which they screwed up. The Metroid project was unmemorable. projectx's MM2 project, while great, had only 5 tracks I've kept on my PC. HH? Not only are all the tracks listenable with the exception of 2 or 3, there are several very good ones, and over a quarter are OCR-quality IMHO ... namely analoq's "Oil Spill" Joker's "House Of Cards" IcyGuy's "Cavern Escape" analoq's "Next My Generation" - duh FFmusicDJ's "Hidden Palace Future" Richter's "Robeatnik's Theme" PsawniK's "Fortress Of Glory" *best track simply for the power of those guitars* Now that's glory! Hadyn's "Party In The Emerald Hills" all of which I have looped dozens of times already. I don't know about the technical precision but just on the awesomeness of the tracks these had my toes curling as a Sonic 2 fan. I only fault HH for not delivering the powerful, bass-explosion version of the Chemical Zone music I have been waiting for. I end up turning off every mix of that track I have run across and booting up Meridian to listen to the original, since every last mix has subdued the wave_bass to below the original. Unacceptable.
  5. I have seriously looped this track about 20 times and still going. What an awesome track! While not similar at all, the only other remix I've liked as much was Mega_Man_2_Chillout_OC_ReMix.mp3, and this rocks a heck of a lot harder. Incredible job jdproject, this is like a different universe from almost every vocal mix ever. Truly magnificent
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