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  1. 3:10. That's when this goes from simply an excellent heavy guitar driven monster, into something that sends a tingle along my spine. In a good way. A very good way.
  2. I don't like lyrics in vgm tracks. I don't like auto-tune regardless. Probably why I skipped this track when it was first released. Making up for it though. Been on repeat eight, nine times now? Just so ... cheerful. Can't help but smile.
  3. Nearly ten years on ... And I still get a shiver down my spine with the transition at 2:10 - a haunting melody changes to one that's uplifting, inspiring.
  4. Thanks Rexy, I had already added your clocktower mix to the list but happy to add more.
  5. I had not! I wasn't even aware they'd been implemented! Thank you muchly.
  6. Greetings all. I know it's been some time since I was active here. And since then, my wife and I successfully made a child. While there is plenty of lullaby material available on YouTube, she seems to respond better (ie, nods off quicker) to the few classic piano mixes I remember the names of (Klutz and The Wingless spring to mind) The search function has been singularly unhelpful. So I turn to you fellow members - I seek the relaxing piano mixes. Your assistance is both greatly anticipated and greatly appreciated.
  7. Completely off-topic, goddammit Coop, I just spent the last five minutes watching your awesome signature. AGAIN. Reasonably on-topic - Yahtzee's bar is currently closed, and this annoys me.
  8. Nice! Given that this is often the first track that will stick in a player's mind (even moreso for the powergamers - an extra two or three levels that stage make a real difference) I think the remixer's done a fantastic job - but then, I'm a sucker for piano mixes. Source is very clear, but the flourishes make it the remixer's own work. The softening at the end works well. Ah, and the remixer is a fellow Aussie. Excellent, needs more of us on here.
  9. They're a Japanese firm - of course they shred whales. No seriously, this is why I enjoy being part of the PC-gaming Master Race.
  10. In hilarious news, I purchased the remastered album ... hmm, three days ago? Yes, three days. This was one of my preferred tracks (constantly find myself singing it, Metal Dance being the other one) so good show gents. Bit more Western feel now. To be perfectly honest, while this is certainly good, I enjoy the non-acoustic version better. Thumbs up for effort guys.
  11. Bubblegum pop. Chew it up, enjoy the taste for a bit, and then spit it out. Further note: I'd hit it, but I'd be worried about catching something.
  12. OBJECTION! Your Honour, this track ... it um ... you know .... OBJECTION!!! Shut the fuck up and enjoy it. This mix is tight. Ah man, I miss those threads. In all seriousness, excellent track that, strangely, reminds me of the Japanese opening (sans annoying lyrics) to Teknoman. This is not a bad thing.
  13. The lack of you on irc is most disturbing.

  14. Bloody beautiful. Energetic enough to not put you to sleep, not so energetic that you feel hopped up on redbulls. Nicely done sir.
  15. Glad I'm not the only one who thought that Wacky. Side note: The "radio edit" Sexy Chick is more accurately Sexy Chich. Just sayin'
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