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  1. Mmm...massive metallic tasting bloody tears...where can you go wrong? I have a friend who is a die hard fan of Castlevania, and he nearly wet himself when I played this song (Bloody Tears happens to be one of his favorite CV tunes ever) This mix kicks some serious ass. Satisfactory Job! Nice Work!
  2. Yeah...I really can't say anything that hasn't been said before, but I too will show my appreciation of the easily lasered pointy one's theme. I actually like the intro, it sort of adds to the spirit of the mix, and gives it a nice buildup that other mixes sorely lack. Sort of like an intro at a concert, where rather than the band just playing, there's the opening band to get you in the mood, and then the announcer guy tells you to put your hands together for THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME, whoever that may be that night. One problem. The trumpeting of the original MegaMan stage select theme. MegaMan 3 was the only one that had the alternate stage select theme. Although I didn't really notice it until like the sixth time playing it. Okay, forget what I said.
  3. Possibly the greatest, and most neglected of all Zelda songs... This mix is simply everything I had always hoped a mix of this song would be like. There is absolutely nothing I would change, except perhaps Nintendo's policy on not accepting third-party music submissions...(goes into fanboy mode)...imagine, if you would, a next-gen (I won't say Cube, so as to keep it current for years to come) sequel to Link's Awakening, done ala Ocarina of Time...I have so many ideas for such a game that to list them all would not only piss people off for having to read them, but depress me even more when I realize that realistically, such a game will never happen. Epic, bold, beautiful, soft, depressing...such is this mix.
  4. Hacking sounds different, depending on what you're burying the machete into, duh. Yet another of the classics from this site that I keep listening to. For what it's worth, the Facility was my favorite multi-player AND single-player level from Goldeneye. In fact, every time I see the movie, I compare the accuracy of the movie TO the game. I used to play this level over and over again, just trying out different things. And I'm an enormous fan of the Matrix. Therefore, this mix, in my psychotic opinion, kicks the huge nabookie ass. I just can't say enough good things about this mix. So, I won't. GO DOWNLOAD IT, OR I'LL TRACE YOUR SIGNAL, AND PERSONALLY HUNT YOU DOWN AND DELETE YOU.
  5. Actually there are two different codes, infinite lives, and 9 lives per continue. Both are on sale @ GameSkins.com (I've got the Konami code one) I downloaded this mix a while ago, but never really got around to listening to it. Strange, as I'm a HUGE Contra fan (I got a plug-in amp for my Game Boy just so everybody at school could hear the Operation C Contra goodness oozing from the speakers, and also got threatened a lot as a result.) I like it. It's not a straight up note-for-note beat for beat mix, which I usually prefer, but there's definitely something to it that keeps me listening. Not really the sort of mix where you can hum along even though you've never heard it before. I could definitely see myself using this mix as one of a few that I use to convince my friends (huge gamers, themselves) that there is actually some merit to game music. Download it, you IDIOTS!
  6. I love it. Love it enough to add it and Ben Lewis's Brinstar mix to the list of mixes that would have been right at home in Metroid Prime. Good stuff. This bass will take your girlfriend, have its way with her, give her the best time of her life, have her make it omelettes in the morning, and then throw her out on her ass right after. And she'll still come crawling back.
  7. You know what's an awesome experience? Booting up MAME, turning on this mix, setting it to loop, and starting up Raiden. Then, hit "~" and turn the volume down to the point where you can only hear the effects, and not the music. Insert Coin, and enjoy. What a fucking great experience. I always swore that if I ever became a remixer, this would be the first track I'd cover. Now, I can put that off a little longer. DOWNLOAD IT.
  8. The, no THE hardest and most awe-inspiring final boss fight is against the final boss in Serious Sam. Think it's too easy? Beat him on Serious difficulty. I did. That son of a bitch. For those who have fought the bastard, you know of what I speak. For those who don't, find out! The game costs like $10, so there's NO excuse not to grab a copy of one of the most fun FPS's ever.
  9. I listen to this song every now and then when I just want to chill... Just relax and let the breeze flow over you, man...
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