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  1. I'd like the chiptunes for Eye of the Beholder, an SNES/PC game based on the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons franchise. I enjoyed the game myself but I can never find something to play in winamp.
  2. Wow. okay, I'm gonna say something really cliche here, but I can't think of a better reply, so I'm just gonna say it anyway.. This really brings back my memories. I know alot of people say this about other game melodies, but this song is beautiful. I think I've found my favorite game music artist.
  3. This brings a tear to my eye. Because it makes me think that this game deserved a manga, or an anime, yet it was never released (or at least none that I knew of..) but there are plenty of other animes out there with this kinda genre of video game. For example, Gundam Wing and Robotech. Bubblegum Crisis comes to mind also, forgive me, I am just speaking my mind.
  4. I'm getting tired of people trying to make video games look like some kind of F*cking dance floor. I don't want to dance, I want some decent video game music that -wasnt- made by someone smoking three different joints at once.
  5. I really enjoyed the fight music, it took me way back and it makes me imagine the drama behind the music. Being a drama queen and having several enemies in my life, nobody will truly appreciate the final fantasy like I do.
  6. Frog's my favorite, though nobody can replace Crono's samurai swords. I'd like to offer my whole-hearted support to making a new remix or what have you. I can hardly wait! About the gravity and black hole, I would shout "DUH!!" in a mocking way except I never really learned anything about it myself, except the difference between pushing and pulling (I can't even remember which word gravity uses!) Anyway, good luck with your songs.
  7. I really loved this game. It's especially thrilling to have an audience, with any game. If YOU haven't played this game, play it now. The first stage in Actraiser has this track (the original, not this remix) I felt I should use that as a comment because this gave justice to the 'beat' mixed with the medieval sword-fighting avatar that you will control. In short, good remix, good game.
  8. I enjoyed this game the most out of all the PC games I have ever owned. Yes. So now I will shamelessly defend it. Are video games not meant to be repetitive? For fuck sakes, listen to your mother. If you don't have anything nice to say, then please STFU. This is probably the first Megaman game I have ever beaten without being angry at myself.
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