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  1. This site needs more great guitar remixes like this one. Dance beats and piano have their moments but nothing is like a well mixed guitar track. Actually I find that some of the background sounds lessen the incredible goodness of the guitar work. I especially think I'd like it a lot better if the theme for "The Young & the Restless" wasn't playing in the background for half the song. Still, it's one of the best FF mixes there is.
  2. Awesome techno remix of my favorite track from this game. More lively and upbeat then I would have imagined possible for this song. The one and only BOF 2 mix is definitely a great one.
  3. This exactly how mega man remixes should be done. Mega man was born to rock, not to beebop to techno madness. I especially like the last half of the song, Storm Eagle to Spark Mandrill, great themes originally and even better in this mix.
  4. If you had as much issues with your panel of judges as is suggested in your review of this mix than I suggest you ditch the panel because they don't recognize good music. Most of the Chrono Trigger remixes on this site are awful, this is one of the few exceptions. Yet somehow it almost doesn't even make it to the site... something is wrong with your system of evaluating submissions. This tune is a refreshingly serene interpretation of a great Chrono Trigger theme and feels more like a "real song" than most oc remixes.
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