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  1. There are some genuine surprises on this album.
  2. "The only law is the law that there is no law." -John Wheeler (physicist)
  3. My favorites by language....(but not in any order beyond that) English (much less of an interest these days): Alien Phantasm II Robocop Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1973 ver.) Texas Chainsaw Massacre II (1986 ver.) American Werewolf in London (early 80s ver.) Logan's Run Planet of the Apes (1960s ver.) Amityville Horror 2 The Thing Die Hard The Dark Knight Devil Moon Pandorum District 9 Sunshine 28 Weeks Later Dawn of the Dead (1978 ver.) Blade Runner A Scanner Darkly The Shining (Kubrick ver.) Korean (my main interest): Attack the Gas Station The Day a Pig Fell into the
  4. Last Boss, from Guwange: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RM7ZxC542I&feature=related I found the Guwange Arrange Album on ebay back in February and no one bid against me, so I really got lucky. Guwange is made by Cave, and that's why I wanted to hear the arranged music. I like this song because of the melody and weird instrument sounds (the whole CD is like this).
  5. This album will be my new torture device at work. When we're all finishing up at night, I typically play a disc of game music. This is just perfect.
  6. You're welcome. You can occasionally find some of their cds on ebay, through the seller champ_des_pins. That's where I got most of my Crow's Claw music. For the remainder I had to scour the internet. One thing to keep in mind is they always use PAEG in their catalog numbers, which stands for "PARENTAL ADVISORY EXPLICIT GUITAR". They also make original music (not from video games) and what I've heard is insanely cool.
  7. You're not kidding. It's solid metal, really dark. I've heard most of their albums and I'd recommend "17 Division" or "Broken Phantasm" if you want something a little lighter. Here are a few of their albums (for sampling): http://xximmortalgodxx.wordpress.com/crows-claw-collection/ The last one on the list is "17 Division". Crossfire Barrage and Frozen Frog both arrange music from Touhou, rather heavily. But no where near as heavy as "Brutal Games for Reminding of Death".
  8. I've listened to a few soundtracks from games I've never played. A few hundred, quite close to 1,000. That's typical, though, of people like myself; those that are a little bit not normal when it comes to game music. My latest discovery is the Touhou series and there have been a few albums made covering that music (more than 1,500). Crow's Claw (a Japanese doujin group) is the master of arranging Touhou music, by a long shot. A few others that I've never played (but with great music): Lord of Vermilion (Nobuo Uematsu), Etrian Odyssey (Yuzo Koshiro), Cyber Org (Yoshihiro Sato), Death Smiles
  9. http://www.mediafire.com/?1yzmwmn11ym
  10. I listened to the NSN playlist and this one was my favorite: Madou Monogatari "14-Cave" I didn't recognize any of the music despite having heard more than 1,000 game soundtracks. Considering that there are probably more than 50,000 game soundtracks by now, one could never known the 'genre' entire. Here's one that qualifies as 'NSN': http://www.mediafire.com/?yijzzznztzm It's an arrange album from a Super Famicom game called 'Sword Maniac'.
  11. Interesting store. I never even knew about the Distant Worlds FF album, although I have been somewhat distant from vgm lately.
  12. Jodo Kast


    From my point of view, math is entirely tolerable with the exception of proofs. I enjoyed calculus and differential equations, but when I took advanced calculus (which was all proofs), I had to drop the course. I can do proofs, much like I can clean outhouses. In other words, proofs and outhouse cleaning are equally pleasurable.
  13. The lyrics are repulsive. This remix is very, very annoying. I can't believe that people give this sort of crap any praise at all. People that like this must be the same type of people that like Wayne's World or Austin Powers. In other words, they like things that are profoundly annoying.
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