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  1. here's my best guess: you seem to be treating x as an integer constant, in which case, d(x)/dx = 0, so x* d(x)/dx = 2x* d(x)/dx = 0 EDIT: scratch that. d(x*x) != x * d(x)/dx rather, d(x*x) = x * d(x)/dx + x * d(x)/dx = 2x*d(x)/dx
  2. For a random topic jump, the article on slashdot is here since I didn't see a direct link anywhere else in the thread. Awesome job everyone.
  3. Alright, it's WIP time! Just so everyone knows, this is my first attempt at making a remix, so speak with that in mind. So don't get your hopes up too high. Comments and advice are encouraged, and remember, I'm a newbie.
  4. Yeah, I've been out of town a lot lately. My grandmother turned 80, so we had a big celebration and I was away from my computer. I'm driving home today (10-hour drive), but I will plug away once I get there. Bear with me, it's coming.
  5. Sweet. One minor gripe: if you go forward past a page that triggers no new sounds and then back to the page that triggered what you're currently listening to, the music restarts. Could you make it check to see which page it came from before starting the music over? Also, since each chapter is going to be multiple pages, you'll also have to have it check for each border page between chapters, because in the event you go backwards, say, from Aqualiss to the last page of Floria, you'll want to change the music back again. Easiest way as I see it: have a variable track which chapter you're in by assigning each page a chapter number. If the chapter changes, have your music code handle the song change.
  6. One question: Will there be support for Linux? If not natively, perhaps through WINE? I can always reboot, but hey, if you're going to make it compatible, less work for me.
  7. Seeding torrent... reached 10 Gigs upload today! On a cable modem! w00t!
  8. Maybe I can do something about the flute and the clarinet by adding more dynamics to them. I also have another clarinet sound with hefty vibrato, but I think it's a bit out of place in an arrangement like this. I prefer the simple one. Of course, the whole mix would sound much better if it would have been played on real instruments...but I only have that keyboard, so I have no other choice I think the pauses in the original are the same, no drums and no other sound until beat 4, sometimes there is a drum fill with one hit before beat 4, but most of the time it's as empty, and with all the drums and other thingies going on in the original, I think the pause is even more noticable there. But a friend of mine whom I showed the WIP a few hours ago also disliked it, but could not give me a reason for it, he said he didn't like the rhythm and also doesn't like the melody too much. Oh yeah, and by the way, I will add percussion to the later parts of the mix, just the beginning is so laid-back (and I think this is kinda cool in some way) You're absolutely right. The main difference lies in the fact that your mix is (I'm guessing) 112 BPM and the original is (also guessing) 184 BPM. As a result, one beat of rest in your piece is .5357 seconds, whereas a beat of rest in the .spc is but .3261 seconds, making your pause (even though it is the same number of beats) 164% as long in real time. But some drums and other percussion should alleviate that feeling of hanging and give the song a smoother feel. Yes, I'm a nerd.
  9. Very nice. I like the rotation of the instruments. One minor gripe: the pauses feel sorta empty until the guitar jumps in on beat 4. Since the tempo is so slow, it sorta stands out. I know the remix is supposed to be laid back and such, but the pauses just sound empty. The original had all the drum stuff going on to fill said pauses. Then again, I'm nitpicking. Maybe you'll want to change that, maybe not.
  10. Simply amazing. One of my favorite mixes. This remix is crazy awesome. Someone go make a stepfile for it. Now.
  11. It's finally done! Great job, mixers. These songs will all be in my playlist for a LONG time. Thanks to everyone who made this project possible, and continued working despite several large delays. This is just fantastic. w00t! (runs off to seed torrent)
  12. Meh. KWarp, you can always seed the torrent. Assuming that there will be a torrent. Which would be quite nice, for both the downloaders and the mirrors. Some good, quality seeds are always nice.
  13. I second that... I've been watching this thread since it began, which was a long time ago... Thankfully, it's almost done. w00t.
  14. Sweet... I've been lurking since this project started, and it rocks! I can't wait for this to be complete! Props to everyone.
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