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  1. any chance of some lossless audio being offered? the torrent put all kinds of clips into my mp3s, you should really compress everything in something with a quality check like .rar or even better .flac. anywho eventually we got the good stuff from Relics of the Chozo and Kong in Koncert offered up the original .wav files, any chance we will be getting them here too?
  2. hard to say anything without merely repeating what everyone else alreaedy said. an excellent atmostpheric piece by an excelelnt remixer Mazedude. definetly very very eerie. beats every techno trance FF mix i have ever heard.
  3. great atmosphere, I lost track of this song when listening to Kong in Concert but its still great on its own. Reminded me alot of the Phazon Mines in Metroid Prime for some reason. very eerie place either way. excellent mix if you like mellow ambience and great atmospheric songs.
  4. I really like the flow of the whole project. Kong in Concert is a collection of ReMixes while Relics of the Chozo is a great album that has a good flow from start to finish. Its not for everyone but I feel Protricity did a good job keeping everything together. Excellent work and thank you oh so very much for the uncompressed Audio. Might I suggest a lossless compression like .shn or .flac next time though, .wav files can easily get corrupted in data transfers like bittorrent. you can messege me for info or find tons of it on the internet, or mostly http://etree.org
  5. very cool. the samples were used really well. some may call it repetative but I though everything was done just right. the drum and bass work was also quite excellent. not the greatest remix ever but certainly and good listen.
  6. mutagene is an awesome ReMixer but I am not such a fan of the atmosphere in this song. The drumming is great and really powers the song but I don't feel that it fits as well with the rest of the song unlike many of mutagene's other mixes which adhere together quite well. still a good remix just not mutagene's best. 7/10
  7. Some amazing drum work here. A mix of so many different kinds of drumming but they all still fit with the simple melody. fitting spasticness(shut up its a word now that i used it) I love it. 10/10
  8. is it just me or does DJP make some rediculous pun for every mix Scott Peeples sends in? There was some cool slap bass but it was hidden in the background. Some very awesome chill/funk music here. Its different from most of Scott's mixes which tend to be more energetic. the Wa-wa-wakka-chicka! Wa-wa-wakka-chicka! is used so well. I love it.
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