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  1. I finished Odin Sphere a few days ago, and wow, I couldn't put the game down. Best game I played so far this year--I'll see how Persona 3 compares to it soon enough.
  2. I'd rather play something like Doom or Resident Evil with it... ...that would rock.
  3. Oh, I know that. I just meant that, considering that each FF game is a different world, it's pretty pointless to call one of the games 'semi-canon' just because it has 'Tactics' at the end of the name instead of a number.
  4. Agreed. I don't exactly understand what you mean by 'canon' in this case. The majority of FF games take place in what seems like completely separate worlds than one another. I would understand if they were all linked by something more than chocobos, moogles, and Cids, but that isn't the case. Even FFXII is in it's own separate world; it's not quite FFT or FFTA's worlds. Even though they're all called Ivalice, they all have their differences. Anyway, back to my point-- the FFs are all separate games(with the exception of X-2), and so calling one of the games 'semi-canon' is really quite pointless.
  5. You never know, it could be the MGS4 of Mah-Jong. Well hopefully Sony has learned from their past mistakes. Y'know, the kid that burns himself on the stove learns not to touch it. I guess Sony's the kid that has to touch it a couple of times before the thought sticks.
  6. I'll grant you he was hard, but he wasn't that hard. Likely the hardest fight in the game, but still, with a little strategy, it only took me 3 or 4 tries, And I was probably under-leveled.
  7. He was pretty tough, but I'm just gonna go ahead and say it-- Unlimited Indalecio. He makes all other bosses look like a cake-walk. I remember that MM2 crash bomb-turret boss. That was my introduction to the world of crazy-difficult bosses. I love that battle though, problem solving and ammo management while dodging? Pure gold. The giant dragon chase/fight was great as well, though it wasn't nearly as tough. My friends and I played Megaman games with the lights off, because when bosses exploded it would light up the entire room.
  8. Not the all-time hardest but... The first time I fought the second level's boss in Gradius V. After a long level, and a barrage of power-ups, ya get to the boss. So I fight him, and I win, and I think, well that wasn't so tough. But wait. He has a second form. Oh. Well, after that one, which gets a little crazy at times, I pull through. Ok then, pretty chall-wha? A third form. This one I recognize from Gradius III. So I fight it, end up losing my options and what not, but barely win on my last life, but finally, I've triumph-...DAMMIT! A fourth form?!? The hell? And then I get destroyed, in a big big way. Oy. It's one crazy fight.
  9. You're both fools. The evil-shadow-your-own-guys soundtrack is the best.
  10. Heh. I had no clue this was a trance mix until the intro ended. I love how it starts out with the sad stormy undertone, breaks into the main trance part while retaining the feel of theme. Also, at the end, instead of just trailing off or breaking off, it slows back down to finish off the song with an ending. A great work all around.
  11. This mix is awesome. While listening to this, I pictured Zero going through the level, but he was wearing a tux, and that he was called Double-O-Zero. Very groovy indeed.
  12. Oh man. This reminds me of at least five of my favorite games...of which only one actually contains the source material -- love the piano and flute.
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