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  1. I always have to remind myself that there is an entire generation with very little exposure to the wacky 60s Adam West Batman. I guess dark brooding Batman is the correct version, but the 60s TV show is what really first drove Batman into the public consciousness. The NES version does get fairly dark even though it has nothing to do with the movie; the stage I picked is the "lighter" of the bunch. That was actually a signature of the TV show.
  2. LOL perfect time for it, since it's supposed to hit 100 this weekend. (who schedules these things?) I wish there was more live music than just brentalfloss&co. Most of this con seems geared towards youtube personalities, which doesn't really interest me. I *might* check it out if I have time.
  3. Well I was going to team up with THE RZA and do a Kill Bill-style spaghetti western version of it with a splash of Russian disco, but for some reason rock just seemed to work better. I dunno... -Midee It wasn't prozax's idea YOU LEAVE HIM OUT OF IT!!! Heh, it's just a simple segue chord I came up with quick. It's not my favorite, but it never really bugged me. Anyway, this is the only Final Fantasy 7 (and beyond) track I will ever arrange. If I do anything else from the FF world, it will be from 1-6. I really don't like the rest of the music from 7 that much, but for some reason I just had t
  4. Eyoo Eh, too midi? You do know they're real violins performed by me mixed in with samples, right? I haven't gotten much negative comments about the violins, so I hope you'll be a little more descriptive. Do you mean they're too simple sounding, or out of place? Or do you honestly think they sound fake? Granted, I'm not the world's most amazing player, but I think this is one of the better string jobs I've done. While the kick could have used more punch, I think the rest of the kit was at a good volume. I kept the groove simple and slightly laid back. (In fact I think the hi-hat could've bee
  5. Well I originally going to make an Axelay kumbia megamix , but I decided that prog rock in the exact style of the original would work best. A lot of people have accused this song of being just a cover, but I always felt that it was a full-on arrangement: 1. It's two songs melded together with an original transition section. 2. Original instrumentation. 3. Yes, all the same notes are there. I made a point to hit every note exactly. Why? Because I can, and I like paying homage. It is a fairly complex piece and I wanted to show off (swing dick) a little. When I make arrangements, I make them as
  6. this was my first remix here. and if anyone's interested, i released an updated version on VGMix here.
  7. Not too bad. It can't touch the Dracula New Classic version of this song, which was done in the same style, but it's nice to finally see a Castlevania III remix on this site. Couple problems I have though: - Overuse of pizzicato. There's simply just too much throughout the whole song for my liking, and the samples that were used for it aren't very good. - As mentioned by others, the transition to the synth panflute thing. It just feels way too forced. - Also mentioned, too darn short. It's an okay tune, and being the first CVIII mix on this site gets it some extra points, I guess. But it just
  8. Oh, so you don't like my violin playing, huh. Wanna step outside, string hata? Anyway, this track sticks closely to the original stage 1 and boss music. Most of the riffs you guys are complimenting are in the original tracks, so I recommend downloading the SPCs and listening to the entire Axelay soundtrack if you haven't already. Thanks for the comments, everyone. Also, the only synth tracks were the background "stabby" synth, the organ, and the drums. The rest was live.
  9. I wasn't too impressed with this one. It is generally sloppy, especially the synthesizer work on it. I don't really like the way the synth string pad tries to 'solo' at :44, and the drums sound like a bad softsynth. The transition to the slow section barely works, as it is just a crossfade to more offbeat string pad solos (ugh). The saving grace in this song is the guitar, which is generally good. Though I'm not a fan of long extended guitar solos, it is generally pretty tight. Some nice ideas in there, but too sloppy for me to listen to more than once. 7.1 / 10
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