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  1. very nice, jam stunna. keep it up
  2. agreed it's funny how all these people have this misconception that everyone who plays in tournaments hates playing on anything other than final destination with no items, because they can't deal with them/they're scared of items/they don't know how to adapt. to anyone who thinks this, im sure any good competitive player would happily play you with whatever rules you want, more than likely four-stocking you every round. if you live in the continental US, you can probably find something going on not too far away, just check the regional zones forum of smashboards. we don't play with items off because we're afraid of losing to casual players. if someone is signifantly better than they're opponent, items will almost definetely not change the outcome. the items-off rule came about due to evolution of the metagame. people played in tournaments for a long time with items still on, and before everyone finally agreed to turn items off for tournaments, there was a huge and long debate about it. but as people got better and more competitive, the need for no items became more apparant. also about only wanting to play on final destination: couldn't be more wrong. for the entire month of july, i went on a smash brothers road trip with friends from alaska to the lower 48, staying with a whole bunch of competitive smashers on our way to tournaments. pretty much EVERYONE we stayed with said they actually hate or dislike final destination because it's boring compared to the other stages. it's just stages like flat zone, icicle mountain and big blue that you just can't play seriously on. i completey respect people who play casually, enjoying items and crazy stages. im just tired of people always saying that competitive players play the way they do because they don't want to adapt and because they're afraid they'll lose to casual players. you have to keep in mind that competitive players used to play just like you, and the way we play now is due to evolution of metagame over years of competitive playing. i hope that cleared up some misconceptions, and that we can all just respect the different ways people play the game. also, this video is way too good: edit: oh crap i forgot to use capitalization
  3. http://mojo.rick-gardiner.com/index.html super smash bros. mojo edit oh wait it's old isnt it
  4. a couple things: 1: prima says he is releasing his brawl strategy guide a whole month before the game comes out, and already gave the exact page count of the guide. http://www.primagames.com/catalog/display.pperl?isbn=9780761556442 interesting 2: in the "four special move types update" for side special moves it says "These are bold attacks that launch in the direction you tilt the stick." this is pretty much how it went in ssb/m, but there were a few exceptions, like mario's cape. well, i guess you might be able to say caping peoples' recoveries/attacks is bold, but retreating while caping someone's projectiles isn't. i dunno, though. kirby's forward B doesn't do anything launchy, i guess you could say it is bold because it takes so long to come out, but i dont think it matches the description they've set in stone for forward B moves. anyway, my point is that they havn't shown mario or kirby's forward B moves yet, so maybe they're changing them to better fit the description.
  5. whoa, i played him at fc diamond i beat him lolz
  6. so you said you're practicing for tournaments eh? let me know if you plan on going to fc diamond or oc3 pearl afk err wait i guess all the tickets to fc are sold out well oc3 then
  7. hehe pikachu's on the crate and warios like "oh no!" whoa wait he really is, it looks like the crate is actually making him fall over wierd reminds me of that one picture from the update about gooey bombs where it showed that mario had just stuck one to wario and was running away...but he was LOOKING BACK MISCHIEVIOUSLY AT WARIO AS HE RAN they must be doing a lot of stuff with character interaction or something
  8. haha what did you get banned for? anyway you should try to go to either fc or oc if you can so we can meet up they're like the two big tournaments this summer other than pound 2
  9. sure are a lot of idiots in this thread pick the stage battlefield and go below a platform. now jump onto the platform. you can't control where your jump stops, so you're going to have to jump higher than the platform, then wait for your character to fall back down. now if someone thought about this for a bit, they might think: "hey, what about that airdodge-thing? doesn't it like, allow you to immediately stop or change the direction of your momentum when you're in the air? what if i did this downwards right as i got above the platform? that would like, save me a bunch of time and stuff. i would jump straight to the platform." that's wavedashing straight down. now it doesn't take too much more thinking to realize that you can angle the airdodge down and over instead, making it so you slide along the ground (because where else is that horizontal momentum from the airdodge going to go?). taking it a step further you might even realize that this can greatly increase your options for movement, especially when just doing it on the ground. wavedashing is just an example of someone playing the game enough to figure something out. when you first played smash bros, you didn't know everything that you do now. as you play more, you figure stuff out. for example, you might have used to recover by jumping and then immediately pressing up b. but you probably have figured out now that it's better to jump, then wait for your jump to reach it's peak, then use your third jump. this is no different than the situation where someone found out they could save a lot of time jumping to a platform by airdodging into it. so you might as well say "well i dont want to play against anyone who's played more than me, because they have an advantage." by the way, anyone who thinks "little exploity thingies" or whatever shouldn't be used: i think you should limit your recovery to jumping then immediately up b'ing, because by letting your second jump reach it's peak first you're exploiting what you figured out. and we can't have that, that's EXPLOITING!! i've seen some players that were too new to the game to figure this out, so i dunno. gotta keep it fair for those guys, you know? heck, we should try to make sure we never ever learn anything new, just play exactly the same way we did our first time playing smash bros, because there are some people out there who are still that bad. edit: btw, every time this ridiculous argument is brought up, i get better and better at tearing it up. wasn't this post much better than last time? i used to have to write like, a million paragraphs.
  10. thanks, btw are you sure you're the only ones in your area? you can check here: http://www.smashboards.com/forumdisplay.php?f=89
  11. yeah, pretty much the entire month of july is going to be a smash road trip for team alaska. we're going from alaska through canada where we'll stop with smashers along the way, then to indiana for fc next, then back to california for oc3. if anyone from ocr is going to either of these tourneys let me know also we might go to evo west after oc3 since it's close and a week after but right now we're thinking probably not because it would be hard to find housing for that long and everything
  12. Aniki is exceptionally amazing though. im just saying it really is a lot harder than most people would think to do well in tourneys with link. nobody in america wins competitive tourneys with link. i wont say if smash has a lot of guaranteed combos compared to other fighters because I dont play any other fighting games competitively, but just because you made up a combo as you were going along doesn't mean it was escapable. i can say though, that link definetely doesn't have the biggest combos in smash.
  13. nice guide, Illiterate. you have a good idea with making a part of the guide as an accompaniment to Linkology. when i first got into competitive smash, i played link and the first thing i did to learn some advanced techniques was watch Linkology and practice until i could do everything shown in that video. but i had to search around for explanations of how to do it all, so this will be great for SRKers first getting into smash. here are a couple nitpicks i have with the guide so far: this is very wrong. look at sheik, fox, falco, marth, falcon, ic's, etc. characters like these have tons of guaranteed combos. link has poop combos. it's mostly that he gets combo'd to death and back by pretty much every high-tiered character, and there isn't too much he can do to them.also, though i found out that link was low-tier right away, i had hope that it wasn't too bad, and i would be able to cut it with link. but a while later when i got smash experience from outside of my town, i found out it was completely hopeless, so i dropped him as a competitive characeter. i dunno, just throwing that out there /scratches head
  14. no i can do it too shut up btw that reminds me of a great tweak quote tweak, "yeah man, i've totally started exercising now i think im getting into shape" me, "oh yeah? whatcha been doing?" tweak, "well for one i've been playing that rayman for wii game-" then i cut him off by laughing at him and he was too ashamed to talk for a few minutes
  15. yeah, i play dota with a group of about a dozen people in my town, some of the people are really good. im not bad but im not that great either. where i live it's impossible to play on the internet outside of town without about 2 seconds of lag, but we have lan parties for just dota all the time in fact i think im going to one tonight
  16. haha yeah, i sort of agree with you. the updates are pretty much retarded and i could personally care less for whatever new items there are. but it's not something i'd really complain about, it's better than no news at all and at the very least we get new screenshots every weekday. i was dissapointed when the site first came out though because i really thought they'd have a new trailer. you were right when everyone was excited for the new site and you said "don't expect much"
  17. rainbow cruise is not a neutral stage in tournaments.
  18. yeah the article's fake owned http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=104869
  19. "Will Link still have his bombs?" "I would assume so, I doubt they'd remove them." I think he was wondering because it looks like Link can crouch and shoot arrows, which going by Melee's controls would mean you hold down and press B, which is what you press for bombs. I'm really curious to see what they're doing with crouching, with all this crouchwalking and everything.
  20. haha, nice work yeah, today was an adventure. well now i have a new update every weekday to look forward to
  21. holy crap i had no idea a whole hour just passed i need to take a break from this
  22. that would be tomorrow, and the countdown is to today
  23. FRICK one minute past noon and nothing
  24. yeah, but it's unlikely that they'll wait till late at night japan time though because it says "afternoon." btw afternoon in japan starts in about 49 minutes and that's the most likely time that they will do it
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