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  1. I have a brand new laptop with a USB3.0 port in lieu of the typical high-end FireWire port. I have a MOTU 8pre for recording which has a FireWire out and Digital Optical (toslink) out. As far as I can tell there is no such thing as a FireWire->USB Converter or Adapter, but are there any workarounds I could try to get audio from this device to my laptop, such as a hub or similar device? Thanks!
  2. Sorry, I will take screenshots when I get home from work. I have a MIDI-Out to USB converter. So the MIDI-OUT is coming from my drum brain into my computer via USB. I then have the MIDI drums selected as a Midi "Keyboard"/Controller and active. So with a drum patch selected I can hit a drum trigger and it will activate in Reason. I've recorded the audio tracks directly with the brain. I can see the whole track recorded fine in Reason, it's just the playback/export that seems to drop the notes.
  3. My friends and I have started a video game music band, and I'm using my heavily upgraded ION drum kit with an Alesis DM5 brain. I'm connected into Reason through the MIDI out on the brain and I am able to record just fine, but I am running into a weird problem. When I playback or export the recording, some notes will "drop" when played simultaneously. For instance, the Hi-Hat tends to cut out most frequently, since it's usually played over other notes. It sounds fine coming out of the drum brain while recording, but Reason's playback seems to be quirky. I've tried messing with the Sample rate in the Audio settings and had some luck but I really can't figure this one out. Even setting the Velocity on all notes to maximum this still seems to happen. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. The Shadow Lord's theme is probably the game's best song, someone ought to remix that. If I recall correctly it's the only song in the original game that on which Uematsu worked.
  5. I really like the level one theme from the Brothers Chaps' Stinkoman 20X6 game over at HomestarRunner.com. The address for the game is here: http://www.homestarrunner.com/stinkogame/v7/stinkogame.html You can download the level one song from the Videlectrix website here: http://www.videlectrix.com/videlectrix_music.html I know this is a bizarre request as it's a flash game, but it's actually really high quality and that particular song is badass. Genre doesn't matter, though the word I'm thinking of is "epic". It would also be cool to combine it with other Stinkoman level songs if there doesn't seem to be enough material in the original song. Good luck and godspeed, musicians.
  6. I dig the Castlevania reference at 2:34! It is snuck in in a subtle fashion and fits well. Aside from that, this remix rocks!
  7. Am I the only one who noticed the "KO" sound effect, followed by the "getting up" (and of course, Game Over music at the end) tune, and then a return to the fight, occurring three times in the song? Kudos to Game Over, that's a badass little notion that makes this song all the cooler. It really feels like you're playing the game and granted all three allowed knockouts. The little instrumental interlude after the 'Getting Up' tune at 2:21 feels like L'il Mac's getting back up for another round and lasting a little longer this time, only to go down again. Awesome stuff.
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