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  1. This song cracks me up. I did notice something. You can hear that Daffy Duck quote (and kinda see the cartoon) on Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Just a bit of useless information.
  2. Because FF3 is FF6. Here's a quick list: FF1 was released in the US and Japan FF2 was (at first) not released in the US, but came here later in FF Origins FF3 was also not released in the US, and to my knowledge, the only way to get it here is to bring it from Japan or download it as a ROM. FF4 was released in the US as FF2 FF5 was (at first) not released in the US, but came here later in FF Anthology FF6 was released in the US as FF3. From here on it's all normal. I hope that clears some stuff up.
  3. HELLO ALL!!!!! I joined today, the 19 day of December, in the 4th year of the 21st century in the second millenium since the birth of Christ, at around noon maybe. I took a look around, posted a bit, then decided to say hi, which I did. My job here is done.
  4. This is an easy one for me. In Shinobi for the PS2, as you beat the game, different difficulties become available. It goes from Normal to Hard to Super. At first, I thought the final boss on Normal was hard. Then I got to Super. It took me roughly a year to a year and a half to finally beat the final boss on Super! Sometimes, I would die 30 times a day, 7 days a week. Finally, one sunny morning, I figure what the heck. I'll give it a another whirl. It was lookin' pretty much the same for the first 10 deaths. Then, suddenly, I realized I had depleted 90% of his energy. Then... 95. And then, the moment of truth... with one final shuriken to the bastard's neck, 100%. On that day, I felt better than I had for a really long time. He was truly the hardest boss ever.
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