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  1. Thanks Sgt Cpl Sir! I tried that today and it worked. I'm really not sure why it did it in the first place but the bit rate after being ripped was 128 kbps and it plays on the ipod so I'm happy.
  2. I searched the forums for a similar thread but I couldn't find anything. This may be a completely newbie question but here goes: I have been downloading and transferring oc remix files to my ipod, and for the most part it has gone well, but with a few remixes, I noticed they weren't being copied over, so I first moved them to the itunes library and then to the ipod, but I receive an error from Itunes that says: "Some of the songs in the Itunes music library, including the song "F-Zero The Flood Plain OC Remix", were not copied to the ipod "ajgunn225's ipod" because they cannot be played on this ipod." Just in case it matters, I have a 60gb video ipod. I looked at the info for the songs that were yielding this error, such as "The Flood Plain", "Earthbound-Snowbound", and others, and the bitrates seemed odd to me. For example, "The Flood Plain" had a bitrate of 127 kbps and "Earthbound-Snowbound" had a bitrate of 141 kbps. I'm not sure if that is the cause or not but I've never seen those bitrates before and thats not how they are shown on the ocremix site. I tried re downloading the songs but I get the same result. If anyone has any ideas as to resolve this, please let me know. There's probably a really easy fix I am missing, thats why I'm asking for help. Thanks guys!
  3. Haven't heard a Salzman remix i didnt like yet. keep it up man, Duck Blur is awesome
  4. all i have to say is: "You want the mic back? GIMME THE MIC BACK!" hilarious stuff man, not just funny but beautiful to listen to. keep it up, love your other remixes too.
  5. This is my favorite song on OC remix, and I have literally listened to EVERY remix on the site. I'm not just one of those people who rant about one song after listening to only a handful. It may not always be the number one song in my top 100 OC remixes, but for now it is. It sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it. Awesome work Isopropyl!
  6. my bad, i guess you could call me a veteran listener but a newbie poster. I didn't realize that there was so much flaming on these boards of our remixing community. I was actually posting that topic in an attempt to find out what other people liked so that just in case there was something i hadnt sampled already, my search for good remixes would be helped along. In any case, I see good reason in disallowing such topics now that I've thought it through more. Thanks for not flaming.
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