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  1. In my view the Dirty mix is AIDS, and the WTF mix is the goddamn black plauge...
  2. Sweet, sweet, sweet honey to my ears. Lush sounds and masterful tracking makes this one of the most worthwhile tracks in OCR. Download and swoon.
  3. Doesn't it strike anyone else how similar the piano notes are to the moody track in Dungeon Master II? They are practicaly identical. Great job, deim0s. A sweet, atomospheric track that will go on loop in Winamp.
  4. As light and sweet as a creampuff, EgM pulls out a really enjoyable song out of a game no-one has ever heard of. Good job.
  5. Hmm, interesting. This could be called a massive bombardment of noises as much as a song. But SysteManiac is still able to churn out a melody out of all the different sounds and effects. Worth a listen.
  6. By far the best remix on this website. Exellent guitarwork when Thumper ass-kicks his way through one of Chrono Triggers' better music tracks. Your ears will love you for listening to this track.
  7. Earf*****g. Horrible, painful, earf*****g. The other songs by Rosencrantz & guildensterN were good in their own way, but this is digital pain in it's purest form. Knife-sharp samples blurred together with weird, high-pitched drum samples creates the worst remix on this site. Sorry guys, better try again.
  8. One of the finest remixes I have ever heard! At 1:27 when the dist.guitar kicks in, you just want to know where Thumper lives, so that you could shake his hand. A little more speed would have nice though...
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