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  1. That doesn't seem right. From the feature comparison chart on wikipedia, starter is extremely stripped-down and seems to be intended for netbooks. Home premium sounds like the standard home edition, and professional just has stuff like encryption, remote desktop, and XP mode. Ultimate looks like it would only be for IT pro-types to me. What gives you the idea that home premium is specifically for HTPCs?
  2. Ganbare Goemon: Tokai Dochu Oedo Tengu ri Kaeshi no Maki for the DS
  3. I'd like to see the 64 version of Brinstar return. I liked its layout, and thought it was more fun than the Melee version.
  4. Brinstar is one of the few chaotic stages that I actually like. Especially because everyone I know hates it, and I'm a jerk like that.
  5. Uh, you mean 3D Realms? Duke 3D was awesome. I just hope DNF's level design is as good as Duke 3D's.
  6. Smoke39

    Nintendo Wii

    The Wii system update does not automatically update the photo channel. You still have to nab the photo channel update from the shop channel to break your MP3 compatibility.
  7. It was on the 64. In Japan.
  8. Smoke39

    Nintendo Wii

    Wall jumping isn't really that tough, especially in the place with the green creatures since you're given long, flat walls to work with. Here's a more detailed explanation: Spin jump at a wall. Once you're touching, you can let go of the d-pad. You can also just let yourself fall for as long as you want, as long as you don't move away from the wall or land. Press away from the wall, and almost immediately thereafter press the jump button. You should be pressing them nearly simultaneously so that you don't move too far away from the wall before trying to jump off of it. One thing that used
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