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  1. Somebody ought to have this thread title changed. This new console IS a HD machine, not just 'compatible'.
  2. What's up AeroZ. I came here to tell you that I just previewed your newest MegaMan remix 'Leaf Storm' and I downloaded it straight away.

    That shit is badass! Thanks for the share! Holy crap keep up the good work!

  3. You know what....I was into the song about maybe 1:30s worth and was JUST about to change it to something else when I got distracted by some other WIPs n' stuff. GLAD I DIDN'T change it. It sounds like I either got a crappy/bad bitrate transfer of this MP3 but WOW, I really fell in love with the whole mood I was put in by this remix. Hope to hear a remastered or just plain 'mastered' version of this if there isn't one already. Two thumbs up man.
  4. Man, "cinematic feel" is a bit of an understatement here. I'm actually really diggin on this quite a lot. Is what I downloaded today a more final version or are you still working on it? I'm totally giggling inside like a little school girl at how listening to this makes my mind just go crazy with all these 'what if' scenarios for the silver screen adaptation of this game! Thanks!
  5. Haha, yeah dude. I'm really diggin on this one. Don't worry about the reverb level unless you find it not working for you. I don't think changing it would add/or take away from this WIP overall. Keep at it!
  6. Sake+Video Games=Good Times Babay. Oh, and staring and giant breasted Asian girls is a pretty good time too.
  7. Mr. Pretzel I have a little story for you on your 5TH Anniversary with the OCR. I bet you didn't know this but this is probably my 7th or maybe 8th post here ever! And again something else you probably you didn't know about me is that this was my first Forum site that I had ever joined waayyy back when I think this site was at the end of it's first incarnation. I absolutely love this site. It would just so happen that I was randomly brought here by a search for something techno-y when I was a rabbid MP3 downloader. It was a remix by yourself actually that was what hooked me. Sheesh, I've d/led so many songs here I don't even know which one it was now! Usually when I see that you've put out a new remix, I'm quick to d/l it and this one AGAIN, amazes me! I love it! And what's just totally the greatest is not only the remix fun to listen to, it has meaning because of the memories it brings back to me as well. Can't say that there are a lot of other things in my little world that do that. I guess this is just my 'thankyou' for introducing me to a world I never knew existed back in the 90's! Long live OCR baby! And incase you were wondering about my member status---yeah, it's new (again) but only because I just recently had the urge to start posting here again. ~DualFace.