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  1. Were in **** has this remix been all my life!!??? Simply amazing!! I agree with RoeTaKa. This could have gone a bit longer, but DAMN for the length it definitely satisfies my craving for a good Secret of Mana remix!! WELL DONE!
  2. The music from Black Sigil was amazing, even if the game itself was not(I personally liked the game) There is no official track listing, at least of what I have found. here are youtube links: Composed by Jan Morgenstern (All the titles listed here are tentative and not official) Track 16 -Enslaved People- Track 17 -City of Ruins- Track 11 -Broken World- these are just a few of the ones I liked. I highly suggest checking out some of the other tracks of this game, as they are quite good! I found a link from mediafire containing most of the tracks in .mp3 format: - download if you want
  3. Thanks for coming back Ziwtra!! its been a while since youve posted and ive really missed your stuff! Awesome stuff here, as usual. very unique which is to be expected from you! Totally love it!
  4. Arcana!! Hear Hear!!! (Here is a Youtube link to: Draven Valley Pass... thought i would make it easier for ppl who just wanted to listen to it ) Ive posted about this before but i think that it got lost in deletion.. I love the town music in Arcana, and i know its short but i believe it deserves some special love! here's the link:
  5. I think your style would fit secret of mana perfectly! but like Dragn said.. it doesnt matter what you remix! Ill listen
  6. To be honest i think that this is the best of the prelude remixes Ive heard. Ever! Ive been a OCremix guy for almost 5 years now, and i haven't heard something this good since then! I really hope it makes it past the judges panel! not just so it can be on OCremix, but that more ppl will be able to hear this! Very nice job!
  7. Im amazed at some of the music from Terranigma and am frankly surprised it hasn't been remixed more than it has.. Here's a list I was thinking of: .. The Underworld Theme> Elle> Stars> (repetitive but could be added to)Fortune> Quatro(I especially like this one)> Here's the full list: NOW, REMIX IT!!
  8. thats fine! I was trying to give the style i had in mind for the song by mentioning the artists. I would totally just love to see more SOTN music period, you know? which song are you working on at the moment?
  9. Preferred artists: Pixietricks & Zircon Song- Castlevania Symphony of the Night's Requiem of the Gods Vocals: latin techno/rock
  10. Oh wow, I musta skipped over that one! ThankYou! However I still would like to see Seiken Densetsu 2 to be done even more so than 3, but either way they are still both good!
  11. Something that might be of interest in the light of the fabled rpg game of the early 90's coming to the Wii(in Virtual Console), either sometime late this year or early of '09, could be a tribute album to Secret of Mana. One of my favorite Album releases of OC was 'Voices of the Lifestream' of FF7. I have in mind a similar exploration of for the album of Secret of Mana where various remixers come together to remix a couple of well known tracks such as, 'Fear of the Heavens', or 'Into the Thick of it'... etc. Maybe some of a Symphonic/Techno beat, while others arrange to the accoustic guitar or piano solos. Im not so sure about Rock/Alternative arrangements, because I feel that they could make or break a song by such small degrees. I know that there is a huge section on Secret of Mana remixes already... but I do think that SoM deserves some good tribute, in the form of an album to show that the heart and soul that went into the soundtrack is remembered by those who loved it! Hope some interest might be sparked by my rambling...