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  1. I hope that you do make a clean version of this song. I like the music itself, and a clean version would definitely have a spot on my playlist.
  2. Hmmm... I have to say, I like the music much more than the vocals. I don't hate rap, but it doesn't appeal to me either, and the language strikes a sour note for this Deep South Bible Belt inmate. I'm not going to get all indignant about it; it's just not going on my playlist. Props for using a track from the Asterix game. I had the cart back when, and after listening to this I'd get it out and play it again... if my system was still working decently, that is.
  3. After leveling up in FF9 against Grand Dragons, getting the battle theme ground into my poor mushy brain, this remix is a welcome relief. Not many remixes have made me laugh out loud, but this one did it.
  4. Funny... DJP sings about as well as I do (which is not much of a compliment!) but I like this one. There's just sort of a charm to the vocals that I can't explain. I also like his Xenogears "7 Years Broken" mix.
  5. I'm a dedicated DOOMer, and I only recognized parts of this. No matter - it's a good piece by itself. That it's got DOOM themes is just gravy. Very tasty gravy.
  6. Huh. That was the point at which it cut off for me. I redownloaded it, and the same thing happened again. What I could hear of it, I liked.
  7. My lord. Whatever posessed anyone to combine these tunes?! It has damaged me, wormed its parasite-like way into my brain just like the original Macarena did. I'm gonna go play it again now.
  8. Sweeet. I don't have enough indepth musical knowledge to give this a coherent evaluation, so I'll just say that 1) you can't have enough DOOM remixes, 2) especially if they're as good as this one. This'll become one of my regular repeats.
  9. Man? I'm a Gyno-American, thank you very much.
  10. I mentioned earlier that I was working on a Mother Brain kisekae doll. Well, Here 'tis. It comes complete with The Death Place music (Mother Brain's theme) - but only in MIDI form. The "Mamabrain" Remix has spoiled me; the MIDI now seems so rinky-dinky. Anyway, I doubt that people here are really interested in KiSS dolls; my point really is that this remix really stuck with me, got me thinking about the game again, and inspired me to do a work of my own. So, once again, Quinn, good work!
  11. This is one of those remixes that grew on me quickly. I'm not a musician, so I won't try to put into words all that I enjoy about it. I'll just say that it evoked the spirit of the original game. I always found that music to be sad in a way, and this mix picks up on that. And after listening to this for an evening I started work on a Mother Brain Kisekae doll. That's kind of embarassing - but I'm having fun, so I'll keep at it.
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