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  1. darthseb

    Sony PS3

    hay guys Oh, forgive me, I'm too hard on that thar PS3.
  2. darthseb

    Sony PS3

    Oh, gosh, what was I gonna say? ... Oh, yeah.. The Playstation 3 will retail for 599USD!
  3. I hope they tournament-ify this all over the US when it comes out.
  4. No, probably not. Actually, yeah, it'd probably just piss people off. I can see it now:
  5. Hey, wouldn't it be really funny if, just for the heck of it, they put in the Great Giana Sisters?
  6. If by GC controller, yesOh, yeah, that's right. Konami's collaborated with Nintendo quite a chunk in the past too. Anybody thinking what I'm thinking? Bill Rizer in SSBB!
  7. On the Wii-Mote Master Hand idea: Doesn't SSBB actually use the Classic controller?
  8. My sig needs updating. I request a sig with Sloth from The Goonies, wearing the 'S' t-shirt. But I want it to look all 'graffiti' on the background and the text of my name. Any animated stuff on it would be cool too.
  9. I think the new McCloud looks too thick in the belly. Also, Captain Syrup FTW!
  10. darthseb

    Sony PS3

    This thread has been locked, but you can unlock it for the limited-time offer of 599USD!
  11. Captain Syup FTW! Favourite Moments: -Doing the black hole glitch with my bro. -Finding out the Sonic code wasn't real.
  12. Oh, man, yeah, Sephiroth, man. I'm not talkin' idiotic lil' FF7 battles, i'm talkin' about Kingdom Hearts. I just wanna beat that sucka, though, cause i have the Japanese version, where you get the One Winged Angel keyblade for beating him. Okay, top three hardest bosses for me are: 1. Sephiroth-KH 2.Swatter-B,VB 3.Galda-RDMM, sucka!
  13. Another REALLY hard boss was the Big Crush in his second form. He's the final boss from Full Clip Man. A good strategy, though, is to strafe and fire like those were the only things you knew how to do. And even with a strategy like that, he moves around alot, so you may run out of bullets just shooting at the air. Then you're only armed with the stupid Bo-Ken. Man, and then there's the special attack that he saves for Hard mode, with that giant cannon. All that in a game WITHOUT any sort of Co-op. edit: Also, can anyone tell me where the Easter Egg Crystal is on Moto Island?
  14. This remix wasn't exactly subitted the other day, but i thought, because i liked it, that i'd dig this thread up and show some love.I don't know how this guy does it, but the music feels movie-style. It's awesome.
  15. Hardest freaking boss EVER was Galda from Radio Dojo Mai-Mai. Galda would NOT die, even WITH the Flame of Warrior Blade. Good game, though. It took me at Least 2 hours to beat her.
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