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  1. I was disappointed not to hear US Bad Future Stardust Speedway as well. I would often listen to just that track on my CD player on repeat.
  2. I think this piece is superbly done. The greatest testament to its triumph would be to play it to a classical connoisseur that's familiar with styles but not all the works and have them wonder which Bach fugue it was. Honestly this is the kind of thing I would get a kick out of playing in the background at a snobbish party. If anyone made a comment about not being familiar with the material I would simply smirk and say "Then perhaps you aren't familiar with all the masters..." Great job!
  3. I honestly don't see what the hype is about. Disclaimer, I'm a huge CV fan and not a big Shnabubula fan, though I do consider Castlevania Chronicles Mucho Dollar Care a Junk CIA to be quite nice. Shna's style is all over the place, there's too many textures competing with each other which leads to this song sounding like a bunch of randomness layered over the original tune. I'm sure it was hard, I'm sure it was a musical challenge of gargantuan and unfathomable effort, but it's not pretty; it's harsh, weird, and frankly just misses the mark. Constructive criticism: * Please try using a consistent and STEADY beat. This beat does NOT compliment the tune. It is too fast paced compared to the tune and has an unpredictable nature to it. This is a weak point shared by many of Shnabubula's songs. * Less panning. * Less harsh sounds, preferrably none, the voice was not good and the high pitched stuff a 2:22 wasn't either. * More flow, basically pick your instruments ahead of time use them on and off or consistently throughout but don't switch from one to another in a totally random manner. * More natural tones rather than weirdly processed ones would be nice rather than the usual "wah wah"s on many of the instruments. I apologize if any of this seems mean spirited.
  4. This mix reminded me of Metroid music, from the more recent games, with its choir samples and atmospheric strings and percussion surrounding a vague background tune. This is background music at its finest; it's like the subtle and changing lighting, the perfect acoustics, and moody backdrop of a play that laughs at the actors in the spotlight that believe they're the reason the audience is enthralled. Excellent work.
  5. Just wanted to let Scott know that his mix is still appreciated. I listen to OC Remixes all day at work and I always love it when this mix gets queued up. This is one of the first OCRs I downloaded, it's also one that's kept me coming back for more. Take care.
  6. Just an odd note, but I had this mix playing and my wife was in the room. Suddenly she exclaimed, "It's Puff the Magic Dragon!" "What?", I said, thoroughly confused. "It's Puff the Magic Dragon," she repeated and then sensing my confusion she started humming the tune. Then it clicked. The melody of this tune is very similar to Puff the Magic Dragon's. So the next time you find yourself humming along to this tune you'll have some words to go with it. Love the community here, this is my first post. I love all your hard work on the music; many songs on this site have made dull days at work much more enjoyable. Someday I'll have a song to add to this wonderful collection. But not today. LaterZ!
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