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  1. Wow, I like this song really!! It is so great, the lyrics are fantastic and the music is always compatible to the great lyrics! I like the alternation and variety of the song, too! Very big compliment from me!
  2. Very good mix. I love this rocksound and the little stops. It reminds me on F-Zero. Please create more of this rocksounds for Nintendogames
  3. I love this song VERY MUCH. I give big respect to pixietricks, cause it sounds very good and she has a cute voice. At least it is ZELDA. And thats GREAT! Are you damn crazy?! What do you mean with that crap? Mein Führer, that sounds like you are a nazi. That isn't funny, you fool.
  4. I love this remix. I wish there were more songs with that yoshi melody. I love the melody and this song from djpretzel is very good. Why don't you make more with this melody @all remixers?
  5. Three Words: OH MY GOODNESS! This Song is very cool, i love the beat and the melody. It has something sepcial, and at least it is ZELDA. Paradise....
  6. THIS SONG OWNS MY ASS. The first time i heard it, i was very ... how coul i say ... very shocked. VERY VERY good remix. imo the BEST on ocremix. (sorry for my bad englisch, i'm german)
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