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  1. I first heard this waaaay back on VGMix, and thought I'd lost it when the site went down. I loved it then, and I love it now. Very happy to see this piece finally up on OCR where it (in my opinion, anyway) belongs. Helps, I suppose, that Cyan's theme is one of my favorites, and not one I see mixed very often.
  2. I've always loved the Veldt theme. This does it alot of good.. Especially that little bit at 00:55. That's just major ear-candy. It's not exactly -the- mix of the Veldt I've been hoping for.. But it's more than enough to tide me over until someone does it. On a little side note-thingy here.. The name "Sveldt", makes me think of Group-X.
  3. Just thought I'd say hello here. I've been around OCR for a couple of years now, but just recently got around to joining the forums. Nice to meet'cha.
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