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  1. I mean, I havn't posted on the Help section in awhile... but chagrin aside, bleh. I guess it is logical to assume that the system will still be kaput even if I remove the viral files...

    So far, I used a Mac to migrate the files from the hard drive to an external mac formatted hard drive that I borrowed from a friend. My own external drive is NTFS, so I might have to do a roundabout route of transferring from the mac drive to USBs, then logging onto a windows computer to transfer data from the USBS onto my own drive (All of these steps HOPEFULLY with no loss of data integrity...)

    Something I should mention is that the whole reason I used a mac to migrate the files was because any windows system I used to interface with the drive refused to copy files off the hard drive because it was all protected for some reason (whether this is the viruses doing or my own oversight I don't know). If I successfully migrate all my files, will the old file permissions still be on them from the old computer?

  2. Since i'll only be able to slave the drive, one thing I've heard is that viral scans can be less effective because the virus scanner doesn't have access to active processes on that computer. The solution you posted says that the virus has some registry integration, and I'm iffy about trying to delete the virus manually because any Macs I slave it to can't interact with the NTFS format and any Windows OS I slave it to will refuse to bypass the file permissions still on the drive.

    I'll use the tool on the drive via custom scan and see what happens

  3. Some time ago, I got a virus off of god knows what and I got infected by a worm called "taquito.exe." Unfortunately, I was in admin mode so the virus was able to wreak havoc and managed to kill essential windows processes while causing a BSOD when I tried to start-up again.

    From preliminary research, it seems taquito resides in a restore folder on my drive. Although I am using another computer at the moment and have migrated much of the files I wish to save in case I want to wipe the hard drive, I would also like to find out if deleting the folder that harbors taquito could rescue my old computer (assuming all taquito does is kill processes and not hard data...)

    Thanks to any help in advance!

  4. D'oh! Sorry about that. I am running Windows XP (SP3) and I was running firefox.

    Also, Windows gave me the option to boot up into safe mode after the first failed start-up and it still BSODed on me

    Also, I don't have the OS disk

  5. Ok, so my computer BSODs out on startup. (It was precipitated by a crash of some win32 process followed by disintegrating browser functionality and then a freeze-up at shutdown) but luckily my cousin has spare parts and other software disks up the wazoo so I'm not too worried about getting it fixed. However, I might as well try to rescue the data with a boot-up disk in the meantime and knoppix first comes to mind. However, right now I don't have access to CD burning utilities and I was wondering whether there are any effective rescue disks I can boot up from a USB disk.

    Any suggestions?

    Also, the win32 process crashing itself followed me screwing around in http://goggles.sneakygcr.net/ too much. Is this an easily exploitable script I should have avoided in the first place? For future reference, what should I do if a computer freezes up at shut-down, manually turning the power off is of course dangerous, but I dont see any other alternative (or should I run a chkdsk after every instance of that?)

  6. Have we all just experienced a successful discussion on the OCR boards without the conversation degenerating into rampant fanboyism / hatred?

    Outrageous. And awesome -- thread of the month :P

    I've been lurking in this board ever since Other: M came out to figure out whether its worth getting or not and I still have not been able to make any jurisdiction whatsoever. Hopefully the price will lower by the time New Vegas gets out and I can get both with the money on my edge card

  7. So i picked up the game again, and I find that I cannot host custom games (meaning that no one can join the ones I create). I tried port forwarding with my router and enabled all the appropriate ports and nothing happened. In windows firewall, I enabled both the Warcraft 3 and Frozen throne .exes, do I still have to enable more ports in windows firewall? Or does the problem stem from elsewhere?

  8. No way. We need a game where you play as Zelda/Sheik, and use all sorts of magic and ninja skills to overcome puzzles and enemies, with the whole world being a single, open level. Sheik could hurls needles and use her chain to Spider Man around the levels (also have wall-crawling, maybe. See? Totally Spider Man), while Zelda could cast devastating fireballs and tornadoes around, and maybe use a magical sword of the royal family (not the Master Sword, though). The goal would be to save her kingdom from Ganon, of course.

    Would you be able to save it in time for -DINNER-?

  9. So i just got torchlight, it runs fine, albeit somewhat laggy. I want to make it run smoother, or without interference. When I run it in fullscreen mode, theres mostly no lag but the pointer disappears and only flickers into view when i move the mouse. When I go into windowed mode, the pointer is clear but the game gets noticeably laggy. I don't really know what settings to toggle outside of the game. I've set most adjustable in-game graphics settings to the minimum but they don't help that much.

    my specs:

    3 GB Ram

    Dual 1.86 GHz Processors

    ATI Radeon HD 3600 series gfx card


  10. i've actually just tried that and it worked, I clicked "convert to AAC" out of desperation and it plays perfectly on my iPod now. I still wish to know why the iPod can't play certain formats or songs with certain encodings, etc. so i can avoid problems in the future or i can troubleshoot for myself if anything else goes wrong

  11. I'm trying to listen to "Final Fantasy 4 SNES Battle Medley", but the song plays for not even a second and skips to the next song. I tried redownloading the song, and even restoring the entirety of my ipod. The song plays fine in iTunes, so what could be the problem?

    One weird thing to mention though is if I manually skip towards a middle part of the song, it plays normally to the end. It seems like that small section of the song causes the iPod to skip for some reason

    Edit: Right now, i have an iPod classic. Apple has a history of pissing me off by ruining my music with its "planned obsolescence" that seems to plague all of its iPod products. In the event that I get a new mp3 player, any suggestions?

  12. Unless there's something stressing the wires (constant flexing where the wires meet the plug?) I can't think of any reason that leaving them connected would be harmful. Speaking of flexing the wires, it's best to leave the wires loose when they're not in use instead of bundling them, because repeatedly flexing them in the same spots can damage them in the long run.

    I frequently bundle them around my iPod, so that may be the problem. However, what would be the best way to store my earphones when i'm not using them?

  13. My earphones just broke (This is the zillionth pair I must've gone through) No more how "high quality" the package claims they are, or "expensive" they are, they always end up in the trash after a short space of time. (My record so far, is a lasting time of about 9 months, but that was from a foreign model) I need recommendations of EXTREMELY durable earphones so i don't go breaking stuff again. To answer the question some of you might ask, yes, I do tend to listen to music very loudly.

    I think there may be something in my iPod that may be messing my earphones up. My friend cautions me never to leave my earphones plugged into my iPod when I'm not using it, and whenever my earphones break it always seems that only the right bud goes kaput. So it seems that he may be right as these incidents usually happen when my earphones are plugged into my iPod. Is there any validity to this connection?

  14. I think that they represent a struggle between equally powerful but conflicting forces. To me, dark and light, good and bad, etc, are just points of view. Although your little protagonists in RPGs are normally leaning towards morally good behavior, they're only there to maintain the balance when something of equal "bad" magnitude happens. Right place right time, if you ask me. Maybe there should be a game where you're a super evil group of adventurers trying to overthrow the overly just and good kingdom.

    The fact that they are struggling is already evident in most RPG's, with dark and light being opposed (aka "one does more damage to the other"), as the other elements such as fire/water and earth/wind. I'm more talking about the physical manifestations of "light" and "darkness". To apply this to real life, the lines between "light" and "darkness" in most peoples minds are already given identities and physical form in the form of various heroes/villians (from TV, Movies, or myths and folklore) and social stereotypes. Although i agree with you that darkness and light are nothing more than ideologies, I guess what i'm asking is "what specifically is contained in darkness or light?", I mean, in RPG's, if an enemy can use a "holy" spell against the protagonist (who is usually seen as the crusader for light anyway), to me that could draw a paralell between peoples conflicting virtues and ideals.

    Too PPR

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