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  1. So i got the orange box today, and i wanted to play portal. Im starting up and i jump through the portal glados opens up for you in the very beggining. After that, I get some BS that "blah blah 0xblahblah could not be read 0xblah blah memory something something. Click ok to close application" It seems other people have had this problem with other valve games too.

    Any solutions?

  2. When i played Shadow of the Colossus immediately after. there was no excess of noise. So i don't think any damage occurred. But since the disk is "unstable", should i not play it? Or maybe try and balance it out with some tape to prevent damage?

  3. So i finally found ICO in a store, and it works. However, i am a bit concerned with it.

    As for appearances, the disk is very strange, it looks like someone tried to "laminate" the disk and failed miserably, leaving what looks like a half-cover of hot glue glaze on the top of the disk. When i put it into my ps2 (i have a 2nd generation) the ps2 begins making ALOT of noise, loudly whirring and clicking from time to time, although the disk still does work. In addition, the bottom of the disk, although with no big scratches, is of a purple tinge instead of the silvery iridescent color i am used to.

    The problem being, should i worry that this disk will blow up my ps2, or is it just a consequence of the disk being very old?

  4. Okay, although this isn't a technical problem and more game related, i still don't think it would be orthodox to blemish the general discussion board with this little problem.

    Recently, i've just discovered shadow of the colossus, and with that, i've discovered that it has a "sequel"; ICO. However, my friend turned me on to portal and HL2 (yes i know i'm incredibly behind the times), so I think i would want the orange box as well. However, ICO is a pain in the ass to find (i've gone to at least 4 different gamestops) and the only way to get it would be online. However, since the orange box is rated M, i would also need parental assistance to get that as well.

    The question being, am I really missing alot by not playing ICO? Or should I just get the orange box?

  5. Ok, so randomly, i dont know why, the forum buttons (specifically, quick reply, and any text formatting (the buttons above the text box)) aren't working. Clearing cookies seemed to fix the problem, but upon coming back in it stopped working. In addition to this, the OCR logo in the top left corner is gone, help?

  6. Okay, so I'm trying to hook up my console to my computer. The yellow video wire fits into a plug in the monitor, but im at a loss for what to do with the audio plugs. My speakers do not accept the red and white audio plugs, and from searching in audio stores, I can't find anything that would work with the speakers. Any suggestions?

  7. Not that I side with the crazy people, but this argument is pretty crappy. FF7 was an entirely new game in a new world, wholly separate from its predecessors, while Diablo is a linear sequel to games with a preestablished world and atmosphere belonging to that world. If Blizzard wanted to "take a few risks" in the sense that you are suggesting with your comparison to FF7, they wouldn't be making another Diablo.

    yea, didn't think that through completely.

    But I do think that they're kinda taking another approach to this, I mean when LOD came out and I saw Horragath and the atmosphere of a war torn battle ground, i was taken aback that they would stray from the "brave warrior fighting against all odds" type of game to place you in (i think) an almost warcraft-like or LOTR-like setting. I don't think it detracted much from the game, and I thought it was kinda refreshing after being confined to hell for so long. To me, they went from "dark, scary, and gothic" to "epic and adventurous"

  8. Although its in the spirit of diablo, most people are assuming that Blizzard intentionally wishes to make it all "dark and gloomy" like its predecessors, but is doing a horrendous job of it now. (This may be a bad comparison) but FF7 deviated from the spellbooks and dragons line and it was very popular. And although diablo was famous for its "dark and gloomy" setting, what is stopping them from taking a few risks?

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