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  1. I think rabid fanboys did research on him and found in police records that no such car crash or incident existed. People concluded that since he was a teenager he couldnt deal with the pressure of doing the project alone and faked the story so the rabid fanboys wouldn't tear him up and he could stop. They found out anyway though and I think they took pretty extreme measures into trying to get him to restart the project.

  2. For a school assignment, I need to demonstrate that cooling with conduction is more efficient than using convection to cool. A rough example would be saying that sticking a beer in a bucket of ice will get it cooled faster than sticking it in the fridge. However, i need to demonstrate this through the use of a formula or some law or previously done experiment or set standard. Any help is appreciated.

  3. At first, I totally agreed with everything he said and was ready to argue with anyone who disagreed, from actually having read some responses I now have some of my own thoughts. My agreement with the review was really more about my own prejudices against the "more than one primary color is gay crowd", than the actual proliferation of "self-employed yard workers" characters and "disembodied hand/ITS THE SAME FUCKING GAME BUT WITH NEW ROSTER" type games. Although this renders some points of the review as null, i think it does tell alot of about society today. Video games have been a form of expression, and like movies and TV shows, all have a target audience. This increase in the games he has been ranting about probably results from the spreading of the aforementioned mentality. Its not really that game makers are selling out (which is a key factor in the entertainment business), it's which demographic is in the majority. So, today I guess, douchebaggy tough-kids like the ones in my town are all over America

  4. I was thinking with all the hype about SSBB, and all the past hype and insanity that surrounded titles like Halo 3 and somewhat FFXII. Whats the craziest thing you've ever done because of a video game?

    For me, I didnt really get into final fantasy until I was 13. I borrowed 7 from my cousin on a friday. Going to bed at 12, i woke up around 5 am to play, wide awake. I'm sure that isn't REALLY "harcore", but i want to hear other peoples stories about this

  5. Ok, so I get a 52130 when I try to connect. I have no idea what anything on support.nintendo means and the manual is less than helpful.

    My Specs are:

    ISP: Verizon

    Wireless Router: D-Link DI624

    If theres anything to include then please ask

    any help with this would be appreciated

  6. I need some help, obviously the spoilers from this game have become totally rampant, and i desperately want to play this game for myself ASAP. Although I am not getting the Japanese version and I do not want to pre-order it because of the shipping time after the actual release date. What chain retail store do you guys think are definitely going to be overstocked on it?

  7. OKay, so I have a d-link wireless router and a TRENDnet wireless adapter. The trouble is, one of them or both of them are terrible and my internet connection keeps getting knocked out so much until i repair the wireless connection so it freezes at "disabling wireless network adapter" and the computer cannot shut down for some reason when I shut it down. Is there any alternate brands or things I could use that arn't really bad?

    Alternatively, I might get an EXTREMELY long cable that I would have to snake to the outside of the house to the router, it sounds like a really ghetto alternative but could the elements or anything outside break the wire if I do that?

  8. Ok, since my last science based question on statistics didn't go so well, does anyone at least know what these terms are? I've seen them mentioned, and their function seems to be to quantifying some qualitative data for easier analysis and being able to come up with graphs. The problem is, I really dont know the criteria for creating one, whether some kind of standard is used, or what. I've tried google but nothing is really clear to me. So is there anyone able to help?

  9. okay, so in science research we are expected to do statistics to determine the validity of the alternate hypothesis, however statistics is a whole other course in itself and our teacher intentionally did not go over it in detail to force us to learn it for ourselves. I need help conducting a t-test in microsoft excel, and so far i dont know if the result im getting is correct

    My experiment (gratuitous use of pronouns ahead)

    Group 1 (10 subjects)

    Group 2 (control, 10 subjects)

    All 20 subjects were tested 20 times each and either received (for all intents and purposes)a "yes" or "no" each test.

    So im putting it in excel like this

    GROUP 1

    ||||||Subject 1 Subject 2 Subject 3...Subject 20

    Yes (Insert numbers in here under each subject notation)


    Group 2

    (see above)

    For the T-test funcion, i think I am putting in the correct data parameters (i am selecting the rows of "yes" in each group only) but I am selecting a one-tailed distribution and a homoscedastic type t-test.

    When doing that, I recieve an incredibly small decimal (1.6969E-7 or so) i do not know if Im doing it right, does that mean I should include the "no" row as well when doing the test, or what?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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