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  1. Okay so I have this : mms://

    It leads to a video, but no matter how i try to click on it or access it, it always prompts me to open windows media player instead of opening the download box.

    So, is there any program I can open it with? Or, can I take the physical file from windows media player somehow? Or will i have to do some digging in the temp folder? (its live streaming)

  2. It was a live demonstration, so the combustion of Oxygen and paper (whats the chemical formula for that?) would be needed.

    I understand it now though, the phenomenae is ONLY due to Avogadros law, my chemistry teacher misled me a bit saying during the lab that it was due to atmospheric pressure acting on the top of the balloon. However, I now see it was because the reduction in moles caused a reduction in volume. The reduction in volume couldn't of had occured with the glass bottle, so the volume decreased with the only elastic part of the closed space (the balloon) which then sucked it into the bottle. It has nothing to do with pressure

  3. So I have to explain how a water balloon, when placed over the top of a bottle with a piece of burning paper in it, gets sucked into the bottle. From what i understand, the combustion reaction within the bottle should expend the Oxygen, and thus decrease the volume of gas inside the container (Avogadro's law) However, if the volume of gas decreases inside the container, then the pressure should actually rise (Boyle's Law), giving an opposite effect of what I saw (the balloon being sucked into the bottle). Am i doing something totally wrong? I'm not so clear i should count the combustion reaction as changing the moles of gas inside the bottle, but i assumed correctly is it because I have to use the ideal gas law?

    This is confusing the fuck out of me

  4. I tried the solution where i disable start-up entries, I disabled everything not windows related and the problem still persisted, so i am leaning towards the conclusion it is not a RAM issue.

    I didn't tinker with the paging file yet, but in the likely event that solution doesn't work then i will start looking into GFX cards.

  5. I tried most of those suggestions to no avail to my dismay, the only ones i havn't tried are the ones that require ridiculous tinkering with system settings that i didn't even know existed. Portal still freezes up like a bitch with that god awful windows error sound mocking me.

    I have a question about this particular remedy

    Page file: Try turning off your system paging file (you have to reboot) and setting your page file for 1x or 2x the amount of RAM being used. This setting can be found under Control Panel > System > Advanced > Performance > Advanced > Virtual Memory

    How is this done? I went to there but i'm a little confused. As "custom" looks like what im supposed to do but "no paging file" is there as well. I don't want to mess up my computer.

    Although all these solutions suggested by valve are pretty far out there, so i really might just have to get a new gfx card (however i'm still confused as the support page doesn't imply that my problem is caused my intel gfx card or RAM...)

  6. Tried 1, portal still being a bitch

    2, I have enough to spare, plus i did a fair amount of cleanup prior to installing. If i want to i could install the games again with the space i have.

    3: If i can't find a straight fix, then i unfortunately will have to do this (staples...god), but i'll call tech support and see what i can scrounge up before getting up to spend more money

  7. The recommendations on the steampowered support website for Intel gfx cards did nothing. The game still crashes, I will shortly post the error message

    Error message:


    I tried everything suggested so far, does the problem lie in the graphics card?

    In response to phill, regular HL2 works fine

  8. I'll post my tech specs later when i have time,

    But i did read on a forum that antivirus sometimes is the source of the issue. I have AVIRA, which was not specifically listed as a problem starter, but just to double check, does anyone think that it would consume too much system resources?

  9. I havn't tried them yet. But, theres another computer in the house, which is older, but has more GHz for some reason. I will try that and see what happens.

    Edit: Wtf?! My GHz for my current computer (the one that couldn't run portal) has jumped to 1.86 GHz in the "properties" tab. If a fix doesn't come up im gonna freak

  10. When you are in the download tab for a song, it should have a list of locations ("download at X server"). Upon clicking on them, if you have a media player integrated into your web browser (such as quicktime), it will automatically start playing in the web browser. If you do not, the download prompt should come up. To save songs, you right click on the download link ("download at X server") and select "save target as"/"save link as" (depends on what browser you use). Then you select the place which to save the mp3 file and open it from there

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