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  1. Beatdrop, what you've created is a simply breathtaking, top class mix. Your style has always been great, such as the Sonic and Knuckles "Deep Damp Sandcastle" remix a long while back, where you incorporated a gradual intensification of the music purely for the sake of the listener's enjoyment. This latest mix, however, was a creation that is to be remembered by myself as one of the highest-quality drum n' bass mixes to be submitted on Overclocked Remix. The energy just envelopes the listener in a high-dynamic beat of thick bass and drums to create a listening experience of excellency. Any compliments you will probably receive regarding this remix are much-deserved and this review is just that. Keep it up, Beatdrop.
  2. I thought this one was great, the style and everything...I don't know...just seems perfect to me.
  3. Excellent. I have listened to this cd thoroughly. The remixers on this cd certainly put out GREAT material. Anyone listen to Joker - House of Cards? I love the original casino night theme. Always been a favorite with me.
  4. That is an excellent mix...you know, chronotrigger magic is very well defined by this tune alone.
  5. I am amazed that the remixer made this excellent remix, and you not ONLY not show appreciation, yet you are negative? This is a remix to a chronotrigger tune, meaning it is related to chronotrigger, and everything, i mean EVERYTHING even related to chronotrigger is pure magic that brings the gamer back to the game, so to speak. Man, I love chronotrigger.
  6. For me, this is an automatic 10/10. Magic. Pure magic. I remember listening to this my headphones on, late at night when I was completely out of it. It woke me up, so to speak. I was alive, and I loved it. Excellent!
  7. I love shenmue. It's official. Brilliant - the detail...the gameplay...how free you are to live his life for him... I love all music from this I wonder If when where and how Shenmue 3 will be released. B e s t G a m e I n T h e W o r l d
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