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  1. I never really cared for the original. I do however like this mix. The vocals sound great and the whole song works musically. This one's a definate must download.
  2. sorry i still haven't posted anything yet i've been kinda busy with this paper that i have to write. but i still what to do it. i'm going to try and get something up sometime within the next day or two. tuesday at the latest.
  3. if your a fan of jazz fusions it's kinda hard not to like this song. while the recording may not all it could be, it still earns plenty of points for originality. you simply must download this song!
  4. i'd like to take a shot at it but i'll have to wait til tommarow because all my better illustrator stuff is on my computer at school. although i'm kinda busy so i have no clue why i'm taking on even more work... then again come next week i won't have nearly as much on my plate. what kind of deadline am i looking to have? i'm only asking because i'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to this stuff
  5. hmmm. i don't know about everybody else but i don't think there is a tuning promblem and if there is it doesn't take away from the enjoyment of the mix in my opinion. this is pure awesomeness i definatly must recomend this one
  6. this one was really enjoyable. this mix has a silky smooth flow to it and the transitions are excellent. the themes flow musically and the piece tends to go by in a blur if you aren't actually listening to it. all in all this mix gets my stamp of approval. highly recomended.
  7. i didn't like this one at first but after a dozen listens i came to like it. this peice is very relaxing (can very easily induce sleep) good stuff an absolute must download
  8. i once proformed in a jazz band but we didn't play video game tunes. hearing this mix makes me wish we did. this is a really sweet song. a must download
  9. this was definately one of the best tracks on kic. all i can say is when can we expect another submision
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