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  1. I'll post my art too. I'm not gonna post 'em all because of that silly 4 images only rule, but if you wanna see the rest, they'll be on the DA link in my signature.
  2. Just sent $5 your way. Every little bit helps.
  3. After being out of the loop of this thing for so long...just how much anything has been done in oh, the past 2 years?
  4. http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/arcade/mame.html
  5. Those were all fine and dandy, but it was missing some favorites of mine. Namely:
  6. Hey all! I'm not dead yet. And I've been working enough to give this AMAZING sample.
  7. With all the claimed art spread out, it'll be hard to get some people to switch things around to cater to that idea. For example, I have 2 completed pictures: Fatty Whale and Wheel. If we were to go with that then one of them would have to go unused, correct? I could care less frankly. As long as it's fun to do the style could be surrealist pointallism.
  8. I have come into a slight bit of access to the internet, and it seems I came at an opportune time to wish Arek a Happy Birthday. But I won't. I'll have this quick sketch do it for me.
  9. I am actually here. I just don't have very much internet access at home since I've moved. And since school has started up again, and along with work, I haven't had much time as I'd like to say something. Expect something within 10 hours though. EDIT: The WiP has been sent to Arek.
  10. I agree. I changed my original post, and so long as you and Arek edit yours, then things should be done with Fatty (aren't you a project co-coordinator?). Nice but isn't it supposed to have a handdrawn feel? The bottom and light looks awesome but the top rocks look too triangular and unnatural... maybe mess with those and it would be perfect As far as I'm aware, the hand-drawn kiddy looked applied to the pages that involved Kirby and his interaction with things. As far as stage settings the style might be open.
  11. The project shall be completed no later than August 32, 2025. And now, I presentED to you all: my Fatty Whale pic. EDIT: Don't wanna spoil everything I suppose.
  12. dude it is thanksgiving break. Play mario kart. The answers to why this thread has been dead.... Mario Kart DS has officially crippled Milky Way Wishes. Then allow me to resuscitate the thread by posting this.
  13. I've got a sketch update. Nothing much, but it amused me.
  14. Lookin' prooty good there Forte. I too have something I've done over the past day or so: The Kirby Funnies!
  15. 1) I say don't drop the animation just yet and wait and see what happens later on down the road. Animation is time consuming like you said, and they already sunk in time starting it- so it seems like it would be a waste to drop it now. If push comes to shove, how about a semi-animated storyboard, or "animatic" of sorts? That would lessen the load.
  16. I HAVE POWER AT HOME ONCE MORE! Also I have completed this: Thanks for the compliments all.
  17. Hello everyone, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth yet. Sorry for the absence, but I've managed to get back into working for this project, so I might as well show you what I've got so far in terms of artwork. First up, Heavy Lobster (Which photobucket decided to resize). A few sketches that got me to that point. I had so much difficulty with Heavy Lobster because it's only shown from the side in the game. I only figured out how to do it when a friend got some reference pictures from the anime. Some more of my stuff should be on the way, but there's no telling when since I don't have power at home yet.
  18. I did a little sprucing up of my cover. I'd say this is as finished as it's going to get.
  19. I think i got it... bah for get it... You had it at first. All you forgot though was the "=" before the name in quotations. Also for quick quoting use this button. If you're still lost, there's always here. Oh, and surprisingly nice drawing Claude especially for Paint.
  20. Well, first I did a little bit of basic colors with Corel Painter, and then I took it into Photoshop CS2 and did the rest of the coloring there. The brush system is different now apparently, and the starry background is a pointallism preset now. You're not the first person to mention the arms. I may have to go back and see if I can fix anything.
  21. True dat. I was just getting a little impatient that nobody seemed to have taken notice of my posting it earlier.
  22. If the map to Milkyway Wishes is needed, I have a pic. The glitter would have to be edited out though. Oh, and *ahem*
  23. I call the Wheel and Stone abilities, and Heavy Lobster for artwork. And just to be sure, the Cover does not have to be in the same style as the rest of the pictures, correct?
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