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  1. Very cool groove here. I'm loving the composition. My first impressions: The beginning (and a couple other parts) sound very muddy. The ending section too. You also need to filter all those instruments. Especially on the ones with a lot of echoing effects. Find the definitive frequency for that instrument and filter out everything else. It will sound a hell of a lot cleaner. Lightening up on the reverb may also help. As this is now, some of the high synths seem mixed a little too far to the right. Fixing your frequency problem might help a little. So far I like this a lot. Source is definitely there and the original elements are very nice. Keep it up.
  2. This sounds like the skeleton of an excellent song. Since it's so short, you will definitely want to play with the melodies and the overall structure. As it is I don't think it will pass the originality test. The orchestration is very good so far, though. Try dropping the main melody at some point and having one of the instruments play an original solo, or maybe you could add a section with a key change. Do what feels right and see how it sounds. Something about the flute(?) at 1:00 is irking me, I can't place it right now. maybe it's just that I can't figure out if it is indeed a flute. Oh yeah, it definitely sounds 'too loud'. Personally, I think this might sound better if you made the tempo a little more dynamic. The steady fast tempo makes the soft sections sound a little rushed. If you extend those sections with some original content, this thing would be 100% better. Keep working on this. It's a very good start.
  3. LOL. Kudos on the satire. I'm too drained to do too much more to this tonight and it seemed like a good time to update so... Inner Sanctum - Tekken 2 King (MK4).mp3 Don't worry, the intro is completely intact. I meant it when I said it was last on my priority list. I shined up the bell quite a bit. I tried overlaying the bells like you suggested, but I found out that the original sample I used phased in and out of tune. When I overlayed the two bells it was a mess. Instead I took the newer bell and compressed it, and boosted the lows. Then I filtered out the oddly resonating frequencies. It sounds a lot cleaner now and doesn't clash with the organ. I couldn't take any more flange off of the drums, but I did mess with the drum mix. The drums in question are flanged individually. See, I actually have two overlayed kits at the end. So I changed the balance a little and panned all the drums to their own spot. Drums are now a lot less flat. Changed the buildup slightly at 1:41 to reduce the repetition. I like it better this way. I didn't want to add too much there, I like the simplicity of the buildup. I'm keeping my weird little noise at 2:46 for now. The sound is actually a bit of an Easter egg. That's the guitar riff from King's stage in Tekken 3. I may or may not end up taking it out. I'm on the fence right now. I'm getting dangerously close to sending this to the Judges, so: If your name is NOT Rozovian, tell me what you think. (OK, I guess Rozovian can too)
  4. This is a very significant update. This thing's getting close. I'm really happy with the flow of the track now. I've done a lot of work on the levels and EQs. I significantly extended the chorus and added some new melodies to the church organ part. I'm very happy with the arrangement now. I think I'm down to just cleaning up the levels and mastering. Inner Sanctum (MKIIIb) -- Tekken 2 King Remix.Mp3 Thanks for commenting, Rozovian. I'm impressed by your technical suggestions. I think I have most of your issues resolved now. I'm still fighting with the pan effect at 1:41, but it sounds a bit better now. I did compress the track a bit. I don't think I need to ask you to tell me if it needs more.
  5. My thoughts: I should mention first that though I think this has some serious merit, I'm not a fan of the overall style you used. My biggest gripe is that I was waiting the entire time for the song to pick up, and it never did. It's a long song too, so that didn't help on that front. There's a lot of interesting musical ideas in here, but I'm not sure they come together like they should. It's one chill sequence flowing into a slightly different chill sequence, flowing into another. I would have loved this if it was more dynamic. I'd like to see it pick up energy at some point. I also think you could have used a better variety of instruments. It's 100% soft synths. 100%. That said, excellent production quality, and again, good musical concepts. You sound like you're done working on this. My advice to you is to work on other stuff for a while and eventually come back to this one. You could make this into something very special. You may just have to take a fresh look at it.
  6. I think this qualifies as the "too conservative" the judges like to talk about. The first half just sounds like a remake, the second half sounds a lot more like a remix. I think If the whole thing was like that, it would go over a lot better. I agree, the actual production is very high quality. You should keep working on this. I like it.
  7. I tried to connect, but I get this: ==== You have been Autokilled. - -Germany.EnterTheGame.Com- *** You are not welcome on this network. ==== I Emailed the support email, hopefully they can fix this.
  8. I've updated the mix: Inner Sanctum (MK II).Mp3) Notes: --I kept the intro the same for now. I may play around with it, but it's last on my priority list. --I did some major EQ work, it sounds 100% cleaner now. --Shiny NEW bell. It's a lot cleaner and less oppressive. --I added a new element in and around the chorus to get a little more energy. I also extended it by a whopping 5 seconds. I'll be doing more with the actual organ part (as in counter melodies and whatnot). I'm also going to play around with the whole flow of the chorus to try and get a nicer flow. Tell me what you think, especially if you hate it.
  9. But did you like the bell? I'll be replacing that sample for sure. I see what you mean. Thanks for the input. I'll be messing with this a lot over the weekend. I definitely want to clean up the organ portion to get everything to sound complete but not too busy or full (like it does now). After that I'll see what I can do to get the whole flow of the track to be a little more coherent. I'm trying to tie in a lot of elements so it'll take a bit of finesse.
  10. Here's a Youtube of the original: Tekken 2 has always been one of my favorite game soundtracks, so I'll be trying my hand at updating some of the tunes. This is my first effort: UPDATED (MKIV): Inner Sanctum - Tekken 2 King (MK IV).mp3 This track is getting very close to completion. Please give me some feedback. My interpretation is a little darker than the original. I'm not sure how to classify it in a genre, but it has some rave and techno influences. I'm going to be doing a lot of tweaking as far as levels, and frequencies to get it to sound a little more clean but the composition is right where I want it.