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  1. Silence was always one of my favorite tracks from video game history, and this piano arrangement does great justice to the original, a song that was absolutely dying to be remixed by someone. My only real criticism of this song (which is one of my favorites on the site, by the way) is the "mood" of the song seems a bit off in some areas, detracting from the overall effect of the work as a whole. The main part I noticed was the change at 1:16 with the relative hammering of the lower notes compared to the smooth playing at the beginning. Also, the rapid-fire note progressions that dominate the middle of the song don't work for me somehow. I'm not sure how to take the song--as the slow piece that the beginning suggests, or the faster one the middle turns into. Ultimately, the end of the song leads me to think that it is more the slower and peaceful song than the not-quite-loud-but-not-peaceful song it seems to be pushing towards. Still, this remains a nice work. The fact it was recorded live adds that much more to it. Good work. -Dust
  2. A VERY well done song and extremely solid in every respect, this song is one of my favorite "chill out" songs found on the site. The song is split into two sections, one having the main "Guardia Forest" theme with a light main theme done in piano, and the second with a more upbeat and faster Chrono Main Theme with some synth flute or something (shakuhachi?) of that sort. There's not much that challenges the listener in this song, which is nice and what really makes up the line between the techno/dance stuff and the relaxing stuff for me. I don't feel a need to dance, to sing, or to do much other than relax in the musical flow. Speaking of the flow, this song makes great ambiance music to a room. I live in a dorm right now and I like to keep some nice background music flowing to keep it relaxed. This song gets quite a bit of playtime for me... Excellent job. -Dust
  3. I found this one to be very laid back and perfect "ambiance" music for a dorm room or any other room that needs a chill-out-and-relax song. The main melody remains solid, but I almost felt as if I was listening to something from Super Metroid (Brinstar) in the first 45 or so seconds. Anyway, this one gets a solid score from me. Very enjoyable easy listening. Nothing too demanding from the listener, but perfect for relaxing and taking a breather from the hectic nature of life. -Dust
  4. It's no secret that I like The Wingless, but this ranks near the top of my favorite songs from him. Admittedly it took some time before I appreciated it, but once I got into it this song really took off for me. Using the original NES music as a base is something not many remixes have and may people tend to shy away from listening. Yes, I admit, 8-bit music isn't the best stuff to listen to, but he-of-no-wings manages to splice the 8-bit music with synth pianos and a drumbeat like no one else on this site does. On a specific note, throwing the 8-bit beeps that come it at 0:08 and last for a good part of the song between the right and left channels was a great idea. It takes skill to work with 8-bit beeps and buzzes, yet somehow The Wingless pulls it off absolutely beautifully. Great job and great music. Note: Admittedly, though, if you go rocking out to this in anywhere but private you will get strange looks. 8-bit tunes and sounds don't exactly recieve a warm welcome in most people's hearts. Video game players only, I guess. -Dust
  5. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say this is my favorite remix on the entire site. It's got a flavor and intensity that I haven't found in any other song. There are two things that really make this song for me-- 1. The clocks (of course). Fitting with Time Management and the entire Chrono Trigger bit, using clocks (at least in some sections) as the base for the beat was a little bit more than just "clever" in my opinion. The sampling and reworking of the clocks shows, and I never imagined that the right combination of clocks and such could work out to such a kickin' beat. 2. The Dot-Matrix printer thing. For some reason, whenever someone says "Time Management" now I think of this song, and the main three notes the dot-matrix thing does throughout the song. It really adds the heart to this song which, I must confess, would just be a bunch of technoish stuff to me if it weren't there. Admittedly, there are a few things I don't *love* about the song, but they're pretty minor. The synth whatever that is going on tends to wear on the listener a bit when it isn't accompanied by the... printer sound. Unlike others, I don't find the song "too short" at all. I really couldn't see any other way to put this song together in the way it's constructed. It seems complete and balanced to me... But again, I really like this song so I'm a little partial. The "Dreams of the past" quote is just damn cool too and fits perfectly in with the music. I'm a fan of voice clips and such worked into technoish stuff. Really nice work on this. Again, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's my favorite mix on the entire site. -Dust
  6. I'm amazed there aren't more comments/reviews of this song. I'll throw my two in... I don't want to offend anyone, but Mr. Burnett (The Wingless) is my favorite remixer on this site. But then again, I'm a complete piano whore when it comes to musical instruments I enjoy hearing done to a drumbeat. This song is no exception to my tastes. Throwing out at the beginning with a theme, to the backdrop of Brinstar. I can't say much about the song other than it flows very well, and is generally enjoyable to listen to. Light and bubbly is right. Not dance music, but not quite easy-listening. Maybe piano pop? Something along those lines. Anyway, this gets my highest-rated stamp of approval. I'm lovin' it. -Dust
  7. Even this is one of the older (relatively) remixes on the site, this remains as one of my favorites. It doesn't mess around with slow melodies and jumps straight into telling a story. Piano and synth whatever in the background start it off and keep the tempo for the entire song. My personal favorite part comes at 0:54, when the piano cuts to the underwater theme and plays the tune. It's as if the clouds of the song pull back and tell you "THIS is what this song is about." And it carries on from there. The drums that come in 1:34 are most likely the centerpiece and highlight of the song. When they start hammering away 1:47 or so and builds in strenth and intensity... Wow. I always crank the volume at the second drum-raise at 2:17 until the sudden and abrupt end of the crescendo. Anyway, a masterfully done piece by one of the best remixers on the site. -Dust
  8. I have a mix going of my favorite music off of OCRemix. This song just joined the select few "beautiful" songs on that list. Wonderful job. And this is my first post. This was the song that pushed me over the edge and was just dying to be commented on. Good job. -Dust
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