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  1. When I started listening to this Remix, a strange image formed in my head: Cloud walks into a Chocobo Stable, a big boombox held on his shoulder. This song starts playing. All the chocobos start bobbing their head and stomping their feet to the music...it's weird, but that's what happens...
  2. Answer this truthfully: After playing Lemmings for a couple of minutes, who hasn't fallen in love with the game? This remix is a great version of the original, and it would be superb in a remade Lemmings game. I think that the dabombinc. should try and do a huge medly of Lemmings songs. If they all come out as good as this one did, and the transitions are well done, you could have an award-winning remix on your hands!
  3. What is everyone talking about? This is not a piece of music that you can just mix up and rearrange as you please! I don't know how many of you have actually played Earthbound, but this Remix is exactly how I would want the Soundstone Melody to be if they remade the game. Good job, Spekko, for understanding that sometimes, the less you do to a song, the better.
  4. Wow... This remix just blew me away...the song is very beautiful, with the beginning luring you into a peaceful state, and then suddenly blasting off into a evil-sounding stage of music. I tried watching it during a thunderstorm, with no lights (The monitor was turned off)on in the house sitting in front of a huge window, and precisely at 1:20, when the music suddenly turns evil, lightning began to stike evry few seconds...it was so awesome...
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