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  1. In case anyone was wondering, I'm still alive, and I'm still watching. I'll be authoring up the page for the new album this week and will be looking forward to finishing it up once the album is finished. As always, I'm happy that folks are participating and I look forward to hearing your tracks as always!
  2. I did not realize this. I've not been on the forums nearly as much as I used to be. I wanted to suggest link icons that folks could click to go to an artists site or bandcamp page or some social network profile/site/etc. with placement of such under their user name "card" at the left of the posts they make, but, after reading other comments here, that might be a worthless idea anyway. Guess even I need to get with the times.
  3. Interesting debate here. It's sad to see signatures go, but I've seen all to often what happens when someone loses their web server space or their link is cut off because they ran out of bandwidth. If it wasn't so costly to host all of those signatures, I'd suggest a web server solution run by OCR itself as a storehouse for signatures. Again, that would be costly, and the goal isn't to make it harder for anyone to operate. That said, I've an idea for posts. I decided to look at the code in Chrome's Developer tools. Took me a little bit to find the article tags that surround the posts here
  4. You're welcome. When I started this project over a decade ago, I never thought that it would go this long. I honestly originally thought that An OverClocked Christmas would be a one-off album and that others would take up the task of putting together something like this. To be honest, I'm proud of this community for keeping it going. I'm happy that The Coop is directing it, and that there is still interest in seeing it done. I'm proud of all the musicians and composers we've had for the project from the beginning. To be honest, this is one of the things I've always felt like I got right in sta
  5. Tomorrow is December 1st. The countdown has begun, and I will be preparing the site for the newest entry. As always, I am looking forward to the release of this project.
  6. Go right ahead. And there's nothing wrong with it being Trap style. Go for it! There's always room for something new at the table.
  7. Just here to give this thread a bit of a bump. It's already October, and you know that means we're getting ever closer to Christmas. So, I'd like to throw out an idea since i'm such an avid Destiny 2 player. Perhaps someone would take up the challenge of remixing a track from Destiny or Destiny 2? (No, not the Paul McCartney song because it's copyright protected.) But there are a ton of fantastic tracks available to choose from. Some of my favorite include "Bad Juju", "Holliday", "The Awoken", "Journey (feat. Kronos Quartet)", and "Ikora". I think those are some awesome tracks, and would lend
  8. It's been two years since anyone commented here. Just checking in to see how everything is holding up.
  9. You know, sometimes half the fun of listening to a ReMix or a track from AOCC is trying to figure out what song it is just from what you're hearing. Definitely brings out the nostalgia when you hear something familiar and it reminds you of the game you've played or a place you've been.
  10. Thank you, dip. I'm glad to help, even if all I do is maintain the site for it. It's a privilege.
  11. We are just 18 days away from the deadline, and I hope you're prepared. I'll be decking the halls of the website in preparation. Looking forward to this year's album, and I know I won't be disappointed. I never am with this.
  12. I'm a bit curious myself as to what's up. But I'm sure Jose is just incredibly busy. But here's me bumping this a bit in an effort to help.
  13. Just so no one thinks I'm not watching, I am, I just wanted to bump this a bit to remind you all that the deadline looms large. You've got two months exactly! So hurry up, because I'm still looking forward to this!
  14. If only I could be home for this. I'm so glad that OHC is still alive and well. This is amazing and I hope it's around for another 500 rounds.
  15. I'd like to do this. I miss the experience of hanging out with friends. There's so much we could do together. Impromptu jamming, games, local places to eat. So yeah, I'm game.
  16. Minor edit for Track 10 of volume 11. Just re-download track 10 to receive the fixed version. It has also been changed in the .rar file as well.
  17. Who wants to get the album from the site so we can give The Coop's dropbox a rest? I know I do! Oh wait... I did! LOL! Go here for An OverClocked Christmas v11!!! ----> http://williammichael.info/aocc/
  18. I'll have it up on the website itself by noon tomorrow. Unfortunately, I work very strange hours, and literally just got home.
  19. Hey everybody, let's make The Coop's day and send him some lovin'. And by lovin', I mean some Christmas-y Jams. Or, at least, ya know, drop a line.
  20. I have confidence in @The Coop . I'm glad he's been along for this ride for 9 years. It's been a blast!
  21. Ten years of music. I never expected to be involved in this project for ten years. I love that I've had the chance to do this for a full decade. So it is with no regrets that I am stepping back from An OverClocked Christmas and turning the project over to The Coop. While I will still be involved in the website, I will no longer be directing the project. It is my hope that this wonderful project will live on for as long as OverClocked ReMix does. I did not arrive at this decision lightly. But to be honest, I thought it was time to pass the torch. That said, I want to thank everyone who has
  22. You know what? That's actually a really great idea. I'd like to see something like that done to some degree.
  23. It is with great pride and joy that I release the tenth An OverClocked Christmas album today. Thank you to everyone who participated and tried to participate. Thank you to everyone who listens to the wonderful work of every single musician involved. Without all of you, there would be no An OverClocked Christmas! Thank you, and enjoy the album! Get it here: http://williammichael.info/aocc/index.htm
  24. I'm still alive, don't worry. I'll be working on the website tonight and have been seeing some emails from musicians in my Gmail, so I will be going through everything. I've been incredibly busy with work and just don't have the time during the week. So I will do my best to get the majority of the work done that I can do tonight and tomorrow. I would also be incredibly happy to hear our musicians involved in this year's as well as the last nine years of AOCC interviewed if at all possible. I would do the interview, but I don't have much interesting stuff to say.
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