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  1. Simple and groovy. Not too much to say otherwise. It's creative and cheery. Prooves that simple can still triumph.
  2. Forget being a fan of FF X. Of Final fantasy in general for that matter. This guy knows how to rave. I love music like this, and it definately goes on the playlist for the next party I host. Good stuff, for real. A hard song to remix in this form, but Blind did it, and with great perception. Certainly nice work.
  3. Very smooth. This is pretty good chill music. Nothing over the top, but it's not meant to be. The sax is great here. Sounds real. No complaints.
  4. One of the better mixes on this site, easily. Certainly nice work here. Lots of emotion, and lots of musicality. They have a heck load of overall talent and an ear for good music. Thoroughly impressed with this one.
  5. Well this is the first I've heard of C-Pac, and I must say that I'm pretty impressed. This piece has a multitude of different feelings presented, both intense and also on the lighter side. It shows a very different side of 600 AD than Klutz's version of the song. I like them both, but I don't think I could compare them equally due to the contrasting styles. Klutz's had more emphasis on melody, while C-Pac's really strays off and explores into the piece a little more. *Goes and checks out C-pac's other mixes*
  6. Real late on my reply, but meh. I think the song's great. It's very powerful. Full of emotion. Nah. They really insulted your work. What can you do? So what if the ending wasn't uber climatic? It doesn't hurt the song too much. If you just listen to it without devoting 100% of your attention to it, you don't even notice. I think the ending's fine, personally. It's smooth. Now, if you took it and had drawn it out for 30 seconds more, maybe I'd agree, but you didn't, so very nice work. At first I didn't like the transitions very much, but they really grew on me. Now it's a whole new story. I think it was because I was so into the impacting smooth sound before 2:50 (I think around there). Though now I don't really mind them. Like I've said before, the song is very powerful. You must have some pretty good equipment in order to generate something that sounds like it could be in an actual PS2 game like this. Look forward to hearing more.
  7. While nothing jumps out and grabs you, it's still a stable piece. Nothing overly interesting, but background music, and I think that's what it was meant to provide. It achieved what Will was trying to portray. While not one of my favorites, it's calm, cool, and slick. It's one of those songs that start off "okay" for the first few listens, then gradually becomes better and better over time with each listen. I think it's interesting that he worked on the Xenogears Light project. I just ordered my copy a few days ago. Can't wait for that.
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