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  1. Man, no posts after all this time? I'm hoping things are still as happening as they appeared to be.
  2. Well, the second half is roughly based on the original theme. Considering the first half of the song is a note for note cover of the original, I wanted to do something slightly different for the second half. That way you get a faithful arrangement of the song, and something different to enjoy once it's over Well, I guess I'll have to listen to it again, knowing that it really is still Doomsday. Once again, incredible job. My neck hurts from headbanging to BrainCell's tracks and your tracks, and I loves it tbqh.
  3. Love the project, real bang-up job. But can someone explain to me what the hell happens in the second half of Doomsday? It's like the tune changes completely, to something I don't recognize...
  4. Holy hell, Live at the Sandopolis is fucking BRUUUUUUTAAALLL. I loves it. \m/ BrainCells for the goddamn!
  5. In order from 1 to 15: Ross KMet - Nautic Lava 2 Ichitootah - S3K Sessions Snappleman - Doomsday Gamebox - Ice Cap 4 Life (WIP) Gamebox - Frozen Lavareef (WIP) Krispy & Joker - Unseenbeta (demo) Kanjika - Hydrochill (WIP) Rayza - Azure Lake (WIP) Sir Nuts - The Unseen Wonders (demo) DarkeSword - Sand Café (WIP) Kanjika - Credits (demo) Sir Nuts - RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, KNUCKLES! (demo) Xenon Odyssey - Lava Passion (final) Akumajobelmont - Water on the Dancefloor (WIP) Sora Kitsune KO - New Beginnings (demo)
  6. COME ON PEOPLE!!!! SEND IN SOME GOOD MIXES SO WE CAN GET PAST 1500!!! They've already been sent: It's just up to DJP to post them, eventually. LOL You might as well grab a lawn chair and sit in your yard. Nothing's gonna happen FAST. HAHAHAHA. >_>;
  7. I'll tell Thrawn to check his email. He's been sort of busy lately (hasn't been on very much), so he probably hasn't looked.
  8. Once again, if you'd like access to a server with unlimited bandwidth, email thrawn147@gmail.com . He's already said he'd be willing to help.
  9. Hehe, I wish that was me! But it's not. It's our enchanting guest vocalist Alexandra: That's quite a collar, there. ...and quite a voice. And ReMiX. GG!
  10. Well, talked to the top admin Thrawn, he says it sounds like a good idea. So, how about it? Would you guys care to have the album mirrored courtesy of DigitalPandemic? The server is very powerful... thrawn147@gmail.com is his email. Talk to him, he'll hook you up. We have two servers. One is in California, that has a terabyte of monthly transfer. We also have one in the UK, which is unlimited.
  11. More mirrors, huh? Maybe I should ask the owner of the site I moderate at. Maybe we can help. Can't make any promises, but...
  12. Hells naw, I just bought it seperately. I let my brother use my other DS now. Yeah, that's my hypothetical plan, as well.
  13. Hells naw, I just bought it seperately. I let my brother use my other DS now.
  14. I've played Animal Crossing: Wild World at least once a day, everyday since its release. I was thinking about getting a DS Lite, but until I can secure a job this summer (shouldn't be too hard, I have 2 letters of recommendation, 1 from a job counselor, 1 from my boss at the job I worked at before I moved), I've saving my money for Wii.
  15. As you can see, I already posted there with my ideas. d(^-^d)
  16. Ah, my first post on the OCR forum. Better make it a decent one. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 remains one of my all-time favorite games. I remember fondly of the catchy tunes, of the difficult bonus stages (I suck almost just as bad at them now as I did when I played it to death at age 7. I don't believe I've ever successfully beaten them all in one sitting), of the crazy-fast levels, and the hard-as-hell final boss (I get hit once and DIE? WTF!?). It's right up there with Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (and Knuckles), which I ALSO played to death with my younger brother. (Imagine that...) Anyway, I just finished downloading the torrent, and I must say I am VERY pleased with the project. I was not even aware that it in fact EXISTED, and was being worked on, not until an hour ago! I came to the site not even two weeks ago (after someone linked me to a track from Kong in Koncert, I fell in love) and followed it to this site. I just came on today and saw that a new project was finished. Lucky me. Like getting a gift without the wait or anticipation. It feels good. I just wish I could get a nice CD case, a CD-art printing program, the respective stickers and printing paper and such to make this lovely package complete. Such an excellent album being put on to a plain white CD-R, held by a simple neon-colored jewel case from a set bought in bulk is by no means just. It is ReMixes like the ones on this "CD" that will have me coming back for more, for a very long while. Now back to enjoying the fruits of this project and downloading the last 20% of the 501-1000 torrent. This is taking way longer than it should, I think. I wish I knew how to make it go faster than 6Kb/s. Oh well. At least I have ReMixes 1-500 and Hedgehog Heaven to ease the pain of wait. Excellent job, guys. My Soapbox shoes are off to you!
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