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  1. WoW has a lot of good qualities about it. A lot. A lot of MMORPG style games have similar ups and downs, though. When you hit those higher levels, things kind of hit a plateau. I like the fact that Blizzard came up with a lot of challenging things for the high levels to do. And the injection of new material periodically keeps things interesting. Wow is also great because even if you don't have the time to grind out the levels and power your way to the top, you don't get the feeling of being left behind. It's a very nicely paced game. But there's me rambling on about Wow. I like it.
  2. The boss at the top of Kefka's Tower in FF6 would have gotten my vote a couple of years back. Only being able to use magic was a pain...and he kept changing his barrier at random. And then he nukes you with Ultima when he dies which has a pretty good shot of killing your entire party. But one day, genius struck. I went to town and gave each of my dudes a wall ring, providing perma-reflect. The guy just shoots himself to crap and doesn't bother with the barrier change. Oh, and interesting fact, Life 3 goes through reflect so Ultima was nothing.
  3. In one fell swoop Reuben manages to touch on both faces of this wonderful piece. The sensitive, introspective piano segues seamlessly in the triumphant tribal drums and flute. I really like the register change at 3:12, where the flute goes freestyle and adds so much ambient awe to the climax of the song. The end drops out almost unexpectedly, leaving the listener waiting for more but not dissatisfied. Definitely a mix worth several listenings in my opinion.
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