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  1. I refuse to believe that that's actually been done. So far, I can defeat 5 "Cruel Melee" opponents (Roy or Kirby) 4 opponents (Y. Link) or 3 opponents (Jigglypuff) in one game. My total is 27. 6 or 7 sounds impressive but possible... darn it! Now I have to play to find out! More Difficult bosses: ~ Bonetail (Paper Mario TTYD), yeah, yeah, I know I can level up... ~ Emporor Ing: Hard mode (Metroid Prime 2), kicks my ass with near-100% completion... ~ Cerberus Alpha: Perfectly (Mischief Makers), took many-a-tries, but I finally got him. Has anyone else ever played the bosses in Mischief makers for N64? The game is odd, but the bosses kick ass(in one manner or another)! ~ I know there's more but I can't think of them (to be fair, majority of what I've been reading are of games I haven't played )
  2. I seem to have overlooked this thread initially so here I am. GanonVsThanatos reporting in from Philadelphia. I am a Nintendo-faithful gamer who tries to ignore the other popular systems (so as not to attack other gamers' views without reason nor to attack my own wallet, hard drive, or sparse spare time). My specialty is The Legend of Zelda, although anything made by Miyamoto is bound to have some mystical fascination in my eye. I am both honest and VERY ambiguous in my words. GvT, out. (While now realizing that this sounds like a reporter. Oh well.)
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