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  1. Y'see, Ganondorf is evil because he's badly drawn and scottish. Y'see, next year they will release the movie, but it will be nothing but a 2-hour long collage of all the cucco attack sequences. Near the end, a cheesy zoom-in-on-a-cucco's-eyes-to-indicate-evil scene followed by the full out attack of the actor from the trailer, the music reaches its climax, and all that is show is link's hypnotized and drooling face, as seen by the chicken.
  2. More than 1/2 of my music is OCR. Around 2/3 to 3/4 of my music is video game related. It has something to do with disinterest in the lyrics to most of the music I find, or dislike of other qualities of the song.
  3. Rogers was good stuff. A nice and calm program that was still able to hold my attention as a kid. I actually didn't like the puppets part of the show. They were creepy/strange/scary to me as a kid and I had trouble even watching that part. Oddly enough, my favorite part of the show was the trolley that BROUGHT you to that place. Hehe. I never wear sweaters (and thusly don't own one), but I'll place my tip of the hat here in this thread. ::tip::
  4. Awesome thought just occured to me. Spring Break starts the very day before Brawl comes out. This is going to be an awesome break.
  5. (proverb dictionary? I want one.) Don't judge a book by its cover is all good and all, but does that mean that you have to read every book you come across/play every game someone says is good? no, this proverb is best applied to people (and even that is a tad unreasonable by quantity). there's a difference between offering an opinion (ie "I'm not impressed") versus arguing against it (ie "the game is badly made"). and where jack thompson is concerned, I personally don't care how he feels about video games. I just care about what he tries to do about it. not exactly (depending on your def
  6. I'll laugh when, late in February, everyone starts repeating their complaints in the form of "I thought [complaint] was going to suck, but actually..." and vice versa for some positive points. I can see it now, the last and final update: "We have three F's for an A game! Falcon, Falco, and a F$%*^&ing awesome ranking system! Isn't that cool? And Ness is an unlockable character (all you have to do is find his special assist trophy! Isn't that neato? Gee willickers, is this going to be swell! Oh, and the giant hands are going to replace the ice climbers, but you don't care about that, now do
  7. Junior's Voice actor fit, I think... Bowser. Well, Bowser can never speak enough gutteral language to make up for the few lines of English he had uttered. Galaxy had a number of things it should have had unlocked after one or two 120-star runs, but they didn't. -Infinite Star Bits, the aforemntioned Toad/Peach playability (though that's a long shot), or most likely, unlock all the star warps in all the levels. Translation, take the (also aforementioned) linear nature away from the game and make it truly explorable (while adding a few warp stars so you can travel backwards and cut from one line
  8. Certainly not what I expected to hear when I read the source material as "Sad Song" but I like it nonetheless. Finally something a little less linear with this song. It's the innovative remixes on this site that drew me to it, and it's that same that keep me near.
  9. I just got 120! Booyah! You have no idea how surprised I am to get the last twenty in one sitting. All of the usual challenges already listed in this thread were there. Yet somehow, the last star I got was the daredevil star in the deep dark galaxy. I saw the title and my star count, and a wave of happy realization spread across my mind. v Luigi is a bit interesting as far as control goes. I didn't realise how much faster he ran until I got to the note-chase in the first galaxy. It was like listening to techno... ^
  10. I am very sorry to hear about your loss. As you can see, many hands are held out for you across the globe. I'm just sorry that it's not enough.
  11. I'm going to assume that some of that was authentic question. I am also going to hope to God (and I'm agnostic!) that the kirby-rock question was for the sake of lyrics. It looks like there will be free swimming at the surface of the water where if you spend too much time you will be dragged to the bottom by the Doom-Fish. It's hard to say if attacks will be available in the water, but if nothing else, you should be able to use your mid-air jump and recovery move to get out of the water and attack. Or maybe it's just a timing thing, like kirby's normal double-triple-quad jumps; awesomely us
  12. Who else can we fruitlessly hope to see? -Medusa (Kid Icarus) -Eggman (Sonic) -K.Rool (DKC) -Wart (SMB2) -Koopalings 7-way tagteam [using the "pokemon trainer" engine] (SMB3; and I just made myself sad) -Cranky Kong Assist Trophy -Malo (Zelda TP) [side-special: stare-down of doom] -Yeto (Zelda TP) -Odolwa (Zelda MM) -Sephiroth (Half-Baked) -Tails (Sonic) -Jesse and/or James (Pokemon; the new pichu) -Pacman (Pez-Dispenser) -Starwolf (Starfox) [actually, is this plausible?] -Tetris blocks (Tetris; the new Dr. Mario) -Nergal (Fire Emblem) -Shadow Mario (Mario Sunshine) -Tingle (Zelda MM; he was a
  13. http://comic.legendaryfrog.com/post/archive.php?show=month&month=10&year=2007 Figured this was a good place to put some Sonic/Brawl humor.
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