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  1. I can die happy after hearing that. EDIT: The Wonderful World of Disney at the end just kills me.
  2. I just found this. Darn, I certainly wouldn't mind lending a hand, I just don't currently have a way of recording my voice.
  3. Happy birthday and Congrats on the engagement!
  4. I actually listened to it over and over again, without realizing I had my player on repeat. I thought to myself, "Wow this song is long." It's a really great mix though.
  5. How 'bout this, a song still getting reviews 3 years after it was put up. I don't know how you managed it with this song Shael, but it worries me. Anyway the song is amusing, if you overlook the fact that it's absolutely retarded lyrically.
  6. Wow I actually came to this site about the same time this song got posted! As a largely untrained singer, I must say this song is great. I hardly noticed the "dissonence problems." That might be because I remembered them in the game or maybe I'm just stoopid. My constructive criticism is, if you choose to do another song in a language that you aren't familiar with do some work on the accent. That was the only thing that I felt took away from the song. But you are already mentioned finding a local coach for next time. <joins fanclub>Souldier</joins fanclub> Eagerly awaiting your next song.
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