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  1. Looks like the Call level is in and the chip soundtrack is too. Now I'm all fsjal.jpg for the next year and a half or so.
  2. That thumbstick attachment makes my hands happy at the thought of how much bigger it will make the 3ds. The thing makes me think of a Game Gear for some reason... and a 32X as well, ominously. Makes me wanna play Shadow Squadron and Star Wars Arcade again; those two games need to be ported or on virtual console. Also, what's the deal with 3ds game demos? Are they available or what? Are there even any plans for that sort of thing?
  3. The first Wal-mart I went to today didn't even know about the price cut (and I decided to buy a sandwich there, but to add insult to injury, there was mold in it), but the second one I went to already had some of their labels changed. My 3ds still has a $249 price sticker on it. But get this: they are selling it for $169.96. Multiple pennies less than I expected to pay. I can buy a stick of gum from a bum to get the moldy taste off my gums. Also: everything is remakes
  4. Needs to be combined with BASTARD TETRIS "this fiendish program uses a special algorithm to give you the worst possible brick"
  5. Mmmmmgigity. Roll. I like how Mega is just blasting that guy in the face so offhandedly.
  6. If character appearance is customisable, I'll almost always choose a girl. I guess I like playing dress up, also i am a pervert
  7. I love spawning Giant Enemy Crab to kill things. Then killing it with a hammer. It's just so fun. And I like using viruses and poisons. Kid needs to wake up? Drop a virus on him. Guy is thirsty? Give him poison and he drinks it. And the game calls me a bio terrorist at the end of the level? Game of the year.
  8. I couldn't resist playing some Gundam Rise from the Ashes (best gundam game with no gundams in it) and Marvel vs Capcom 2 (I suck at that game). Took me for a ride it did. And of course, Sonic Adventure. The intro song, and the part of the intro where Chaos sticks its head through a building and some Japanese dude is screaming gives me chills. Deep Fighter, House of the Dead 2, Starlancer, Armada, Toy Commander, and more... no one will forget... until everyone's dead.
  9. Sometimes I have a hard time in newer games because the solution to the problem at hand is TOO simple. I'm looking for hidden panels, analyzing the order of the colors and markings on the wall, killing every enemy, etc. when all I have to do is WALK TO THE OTHER DOOR IN THE ROOM.
  10. Fate has determined... French porn soundtrack.
  11. God Hand and Way of the Samurai are good fun, and if you like those you must try Samurai Western. It's an offshoot of the Way of the Samurai series I guess. But it's closer to God Hand in terms of gameplay and style. It's extremely repetitive but it is damn fun. And you can customize your character with a bunch of hilarious accessories and play as any character in the game. The intro is pretty stylish:
  12. Freaking superexcellent game. Great music, love the story/writing, the attention to detail. I couldn't stop and had to play the whole thing in one sitting. When I beat that mini game and Iji mirrored my thought saying "wait, I don't have time for this" I cracked up.
  13. Who's in the house? J.C.!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROb65f4POHk Maybe its tears of laughter, but damn I loved this song when I was little. More seriously, "Growing Wings" from the Drakengard series. That is a song which makes me want to shed a tear: I'm generally not a fan of lyrics, but this song is a grand exception.
  14. Darth GourryGN


    Spore Creatures blows. It fails at everything, especially creature creation. You'd think they would at least get that done right then tack on a crappy game but instead you just have a crappy game where you mix and match parts into a stupid frankenstein creature with limited customisability. The environments look kind of nice actually. no DRM though lol
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