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  1. Sounds good, Just wanted to bring it to your attention.
  2. They just took down my comment and put a small link to "music source"
  3. http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/feature-duck-hunt-meets-littlebigplanet The specific song I'm unclear on, but I'm almost 100% sure its from sonic and knuckles and project chaos. EDIT: This has happened before too, i just cant seem to find the video because it was a couple months back. I'm also not familiar with all the music on OC so, there could be instances that i'm missing.
  4. I've noticed this a lot latley on http://www.techeblog.com/, Should there be something at the end of the videos that says used with permission? or something on the site at least?
  5. i'm interested in the tourny, add me to the list.
  6. Oh man, i'm so ashamed to be 22 and into pokemon.. but its like freaking crack. i'm really looking forward to some wifi battles and trades. Speaking of which, i wanna battle someone. Here is my friend code. send me a PM if you wanna battle sometime. 2878-6063-3711 Who would be up for doing like an OCremix pokemon tournament? we could have like.. ladders and shit. It would be sweet.
  7. Wow, were back. how did everyone like that.. er.. break?
  8. I've already tried to put the S&K logo as favicon, but it looks really bad @ 16x16. Currently, we have the Extra life monitor: http://www.projectchaos.info/favicon.ico thats *way* better. i prefer that.Also giant sphere on the cover = teh sex. Looks really good.
  9. YAY, GO 1498!also, a few lines in the writeup are interesting, so djp is aware that there are some projects ready to be released. now I'm getting more optimistic, I believe that Project Chaos can be released within August SHHH, don't jinx it!! And as a site icon idea, I've got the S&K logo taken off the S3&K Collection for the PC: http://digamejh.melankolly.com/online_storage/sonicknuckles.ico Edit: sorry bout the lack of preview. Apparently phpBB doesn't accept .ico or .bmp files Well, it dosent really scale well to 20x20 . we would have to clean it up. i have no idea how to pack that much detail into a tiny space like that.
  10. Yay! Two more! How many bonus tracks are there anyways? surely we have to be close to running out?
  11. Dogrape. *thrust* Ungh! *thrust* Ungh! *thrust* ungh! ... what, too far?
  12. I'm guesstimating about a month till release. give or take a week. This is solely based on how long DJP takes to do things.
  13. Just a quick question.. since Dj Prez deleted a whole bunch of the remixes that didn't qualify (the thread is in general). does this mean that were going to have to wait even longer for OCR1500 to come around...?
  14. Or you could get all the emeralds plus super emeralds, beat the game then have super sonic in any zone you want its not that hard, and its far more rewarding.
  15. If you have a Gamecube, PS2 or Xbox, get Sonic Mega Collection and play Sonic 3 and Knuckles Didnt they rape the music in those ones though? Sonic would never really seem the same to me without the music. Emulator. Yeah, i personally think thats the best way to get the "sonic experience" if you will..EDIT: Oh thank god, that crap is awful. You have two choices then housethegrate.
  16. If you have a Gamecube, PS2 or Xbox, get Sonic Mega Collection and play Sonic 3 and Knuckles Didnt they rape the music in those ones though? Sonic would never really seem the same to me without the music. Hm. I dunno, do you think it would be worth the bandwidth to zip the files? i can see people selectively choosing which ones to download, seeing as they can hear them in the background anyways. Even a directory listing seems better then forcing every song on people. its not really that big of a deal... just a thought.
  17. Well, its not really too late. It's an amazing game. You could always use an emulator... not that i encourage piracy, but the game is next to impossible to find these days. Its really something, when you compare it to the rest of the games that were released on the sega it blows them out of the water, better graphics, game play and sound. They did a good job.
  18. Whoopsy, my bad. Mini game sounds neat though, too bad it didn't pan out.
  19. /agreed Its painful. Overly painful. its amazing how flawlessly i can pull off UDLR A Start in sonic one, but in sonic three, oh man.
  20. I Would be happy to do terra if someone else hasn't nabbed her. Edit: Crap crap crap, Way to read. Neeever mind.
  21. I'm just quoting the website. "info on how to unlock the bonus tracks will become available when the project is officially launched"
  22. Yes. when the project is released... It does mention that you might have to unlock them somehow. I'm sure this wont be a big deal. Hayden might want to clarify things.
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