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  1. I probably seen all of season 1. Pretty high class children's show.
  2. look at 0:48 http://youtube.com/watch?v=pzBZjbBFrdo She goes back into her suit, case closed.
  3. You can use multiple final smashes in one match. If you've watched any videos you've seen zero suit samus turn back into samus.
  4. I disliked Carnival Nite Zone for a totally unrelated reason
  5. I'm happy with any love they show to the classic sonic games. Hopefully this is an indication of a sonic 3 level! Regardless though, smashbros.com is almost an alternative to ocremix now becuase of all the songs, albeit with less quality and quantity
  6. "And now, we will play duke nukem forever, hopefully not forever" - Principal skinner.
  7. Evidence seems to point to this conclusion. Time will tell?
  8. this will be the craziest game ever if secret characters are still being unlocked a few weeks after release.
  9. Actually, nintendo took the entire donkey kong IP and everything with it when they sold rare. So diddy is entirely first party.
  10. Is their an official date with the PC demo? or is it still speculation?
  11. I thought metroid prime 3 comes out a week later than bioshock.
  12. I dont think they'll replace trophies because sakurai says "They'll be easier to find THAN trophies" or something along those lines, so my guess is that trophies will remain in the game. After all, thats the premise of the single player mode right, trophies?
  13. Theres basically only one game that needs to be made: Massively Multiplayer....POKEMON.
  14. doubt it, the item would be border line invicibility then.
  15. Little mac is right under simon belmont on my most wanted character list.
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