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  1. It is a great song but do not lash out on SOAD fans because they all did not all steal credit for the Rabbit Joint song. They should have no reason to, because SOAD already has some good songs out there. The person who is responsible can go fuck himself for making confusion, dividing gaming & music patrons, and also for saying the music was made by one person when it was made by another. That is considered plagerism or something to that effect. I am sincerly sorry that you feel hatred to all SOAD fans because of one person's mistake, error of judgement, and bullshit.
  2. it was a well composed and a well-rounded song. this one deserves a thumbs up.
  3. the drum beat was good, it could have been shorter but overall it was a good song
  4. i appreciate the melody very much, I love Heroes of M&M
  5. the song is too relaxing and needs to take more incentive
  6. the way the piano solo blends so perfectly in the song is so awesome
  7. Great song and very particular to detail. Almost anything under the sun that has to do with Zelda is awesome. You have to try to make it suck.
  8. Absolutly awesome. What more can I say, it is an well done piece of music from a great and respectable game.
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