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  1. This mix sounded like it wouldn't be out of place at the end of a movie about college, and everyone passed their courses and got their dream careers. I also couldn't help but find it similar to that Holy Grail song... I can't think of it's name now, it's probably staring me right in the face... Overall, this is a great mix, it's definitely staying in my playlist
  2. Hi, I'm Noobix (or as I would like to have been called, NoobixCube... but I lost my activation email for that and now there's a dead name on the forum ). Anyways, I've been posting for a couple of days (I registered so I could do reviews) and I only just noticed this thread . So, long story short, hi. I'm not much of a musician and I can't be bothered spending money on something like Reason (and I can't be bothered downloading it from a torrent - not that I WOULD do that anyway ), so chances are I won't become a remixer, but I have been a long time listener. I found OC Remix when I read a review on VG Mix that mentioned there were a lot of Lemmings remixes here (I love that game!)
  3. I found myself comparing this to goat's work a lot of the time. On it's own I guess It isn't bad but I just don't think it stacks up to his (although goat is one of the best, so feel proud about the comparison )
  4. I loved it, I've been waiting for a mix of this song for a long time. I'd have liked the original tune to be emphasised a little more because it does sound a little flat, but it's still a great song, one of my all time favourites from OC Remix and VG Mix (I've heared both versions btw, I preffer the OCR one). Once again, great song, always liked BGC's stuff
  5. I think it was pretty good, but it could have been WAY better. For the whole song I was expecting a transition from Liberi Fatali to One Winged Angel and I just didn't get it . It was a great mix though, maybe it could get updated some day.
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