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  1. You should have seen mine,his hard like all the bosses of the games mixed together!!
  2. Do you think walkthrough can make any game easier to play?i mean i dont really have any problems playing games with big time super bosses if i dont have a game guide for me. EDITED:Btw,megaman bosses are freaking hard and i mean really really hard if you dont know how to dodge their attacks and how to kill them.
  3. Is that really the hardest boss?
  4. Sorry for those kind of mistakes i made,im pretty sure that i wont make that kind mistakes again.Thank you Silens and Sologamer
  5. Welcome, but just like I told pumahawk on the previous page, proper spelling and grammar go a long way around here. This is a forum, not a chat room, so you have all the time in the world to go over your post for any errors it may contain. Well i think i had been told i have bad grammar by many ppl.But hey, how do u aspect a 14 year old kid 2 rite?Its not tat easy 2 find all my grammar mistakes.
  6. Jus a guy tat has been in the forum for a few months.Came here 2 say hello 2 all who r new here.
  7. It sounds good,Has a good power in it.i mite jus listen 2 it 1 more time .It is also long n changes a lot so it feels like the song is tellin a story.Good song indeed.
  8. It isn't really good for listenin again n again bcoz it was a boss theme.U mite get bored of it n then delete it. Well,although tis song isn't good 2 listen many times.It still makes u very spirited or makes u feel u can win somtin easily.
  9. i dunno about u guys but tis song jus feels dull n borin.Its like Do~~~~~Re~~~~~Mi~~~~~~ n again. Or its jus not 2 my likin.
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