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  1. I have followed all instructions to the letter thus far. I'm a fan of Uematsu-san's work, I own both his soundtrack and non-soundtrack works (Phantasmagoria, anyone?). He's a top-drawer celebrity to me and I'd be giga-psyched to meet him in person!
  2. All time hardest boss? That doggone Phoenix-whatever from Megaman Zero 2.
  3. <3 it. Being an island man [from Trinidad] I totally dig it!
  4. I've played both WoW and GW and I like them both a ton. I'm not on WoW anymore now but I still play GW for obvious reasons [hint: money]. At high levels I usually travel back to the "n00b areas" and help lower level characters, I like doing it and so do the people I hlpe, it's a win-win situation. ^^
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