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  1. Not a fan of remixes where you can barely identify the inspiration. That said, I think this should be moved under Zelda III. The majority of this theme draws its base from "A Link to the Past," plus the mentioned Smash Bros thrown in. There was nothing even recognizable from Zelda II until the strings at 2:45.
  2. Nice work. I enjoyed it. One of the most neglected Zelda's.
  3. Joe, sounds like you have alot of talent outside of the OCRemix scene! Would fit perfectly in the current pop-focused industry. Vocals reminds me alot of "That Thing You Do." Wickedly catchy. :cool: Have to agree with a post a ways back. "Keep fighting for the right of the one you so truly mend." Replace the words with some synonyms and you are also saying, "Fight for the right of the one you sincerely repair?" "Mend" in a relationship sense means you are fixing one that is broken... It really does not work, how you are using it. How about, "Keep fighting for the right of the love that you defend?" Not that I was really listening to the lyrics, but he brought it up The second version sounds just like what it is - a remix. Stick with the original. Anyway, great song. It compelled me to rejoin the forums just to congratulate you on it. You really have some skills there.
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