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  1. lets hope this game isn't in development hell, and then discontinued like SC:Ghost was...I was excited about that game until it got canceled. I remember they had screens, and movies for the game, but it never materialized. I am waiting till I can see some actual gameplay footage before I make up my mind...
  2. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,266511,00.html "One student with whom Faith spoke mentioned video game violence as a possible culprit, if not a symptom of a greater societal ill. “We’re training people to think life is like a video game, and a violent video game. So is it any surprise to find that people act as they are trained?” Faith said." its at the bottom of that article...I knew something like that would come out...
  3. I just downloaded this Mix, and it was very very well done. it will definatly be on my regular winamp rotation
  4. I found this on joystiq, someone has already hit level 70. It took him 28 hours after the expansion from what the article said. That seems freaking crazy, now he will have to wait for people to catch up to him to do stuff. http://www.joystiq.com/2007/01/17/28-hours-later-warcraft-gets-its-first-level-70/
  5. highlight: I am fighting a huge plant, and the monkey i got the boomerang from swings across the room holding bombs. I can kill the two flower things on the side...its the HUGE on in the middle i need help on defeating. i think the "eye" thats in his mouth is the weak point, but i need to know how to hit it.
  6. ::sigh:: I am a bit rusty on console gaming...I feel so bad asking for help at this point in the game, but can i get a hint or a tactic to beat the first temple boss?
  7. I need some help with the forest temple, I am the(highlight for question): I need to free the last monkey from his cage, and its on a platform i can't reach. there is a bomb guy to the right of the platform, and i can climb to the top where there is two holes in the ground with webs covering them. how do i free this monkey?
  8. I joined...I'm hanging in antarctica with uranium, and coal!
  9. maybe I should call Leviation myself, and see whats up. I have his cell number.
  10. I would buy a second hoodie if it was in black!
  11. I picked up my XL hoodie today from Leviatian personally today, and I have been wearing it all day. while walking around downtown ann arbor wearing it drew alot of looks, and "nice shirt" comments, that made me happy! this is one of the best purchases I have ever made!
  12. sunday I am comin out to pick up my shirt in person...if anyone wants to do an OCR meet up in Ann arbor, MI send me a PM and we can set things up
  13. hey leviathan...send me an email, maybe we can get togather, i won't have to pay for shipping!
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