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  1. Which makes it even more funny though, Reason is quite likely one of the most pirated softwares too. Up until version 6 it was quite easy to do so too! For example, in Spain Reason sold very very few copies (we're talking two digits). Then ComputerMusic Spain did a special Reason issue. It was the best selling issue they've ever done with several thousand sold. You're right in that Kontakt works in all DAWs that support AU/VST though which is a big factor. I'm definitely not contesting that. Just want to point out that Reason isn't some kind of niche program for a small amount of people. But again, and I really do stress this, it's all about what fits you. I can make a living making music in Reason and nothing else has worked as well for me so I'm more than satisfied with it. Others like other stuff. Beep boop!
  2. Just thought I'd jump in and poke at the "so few people using it". Reason was in fact the number two best selling music application in the US last year second to Avid's products. This year I think it's third after NI and Avid. It's very curious that people think Reason is not used much when it's with all certainty one of the most widespread music creation applications ever. Oh and I can back this up as I work at Propellerhead now so I've seen the annual MI Sales Track figures. But yeah, if you want to go for hyper realistic orchestra libraries there's not the same solid support in Reason. Top of the line there is still Miroslav and while it certainly gets the job done it's not the best. Bottom line though: try them all and see what might be a good fit. The Reason demo is unlimited and the complete application including all the sounds, saving etc. Just can't export audio/open song files. For other DAWs I know some have trial versions and demo versions. Go get them all! 2 cents etc.
  3. Glad to hear it, I'll let the devs know as I actually work there now.
  4. AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGH, too much stuff going on! D:< Extend deadline for me only, plz?
  5. Believe me when I say: You can't run anything you need through WINE unless your needs are quite small.
  6. DEAR EVERYONE: I use only Reason and Record and swear by it. So much I actually got a job at Propellerhead. No other software is as utterly awesome to me and I've tried 'em all. What up :3
  7. The panning is VERY obviously a poke towards how production was made back then and I think it really works in this case. Great arrangement, terrific vocals. I'm ok with this! YES
  8. Keeping this vote short as most has been said. What keeps this from a YES is the repetition and some slight mixing oversights. Not quite there yet but closer than last time, keep it up! NO(resubmit)
  9. Gonna keep it snappy since this one's been here for quite a while. Great atmosphere and personalized arrangement. Mixing was a bit all over the place but overall it was okay. Loved the accordion thingie. The out-of-place chord rubbed me the wrong way but not so much it was a dealbreaker. Overall this JUST squeaks by for me. Good work YES(borderline)
  10. Gonna have to make this a quick vote. Piano-and-forwards really ruined it for me with the timing. A re-record or timing fix would be needed before I could pass this. The track sounds good though, even though there are some slight mixing fixes you can do (see Vig's vote) the big thing was the timing. Sorry! NO(resubmit)
  11. Definitely both good and bad qualities here. Arrangement is very cool, clever source usage and "cameos" as halc so eloquently put it. On the production side of things it wasn't as impressive though. The sounds were rather bland and stiffly sequenced, the guitars lacked clarity and the performance wasn't the best one. Since I've heard a few tracks with you, Brandon, that have slight timing issues that seem consistent.. have you checked the latency of your sound card and the buffer size? Make sure it isn't because of your set-up this is happening. Overall it's a good track but it needs some more polish to be at it's best. It's VERY close but I'd like to see some mixing tweaks before this was passed. Some careful EQing of the guitars, maybe give the organ some grit and edge, just to make a more balanced mix. NO(resubmit, and soon)
  12. Sorry for taking so long, real life etc. I didn't think the balance issues were the biggest dealbreaker. The drums ARE mixed too loud and you pan your guitar leads very wide with not much of the cut-through frequencies which does make them slightly less the focus of attention. The big issue for me with the production was the lack of bass frequencies. You can hardly hear the bass and there's no punch in the low end to speak of, even in the kickdrum. Play this side-to-side to your favorite metal reckord and you'll see what I mean (I personally compared it to The Pot by Tool and some other tracks I had close to hand). I realize this is a live recording but sadly that doesn't mean I can treat this differently from how I would another sub. The low-mid is just a mess. The arrangement was pretty cool, you stitched the sources together well. However there weren't THAT MUCH interpretation. What was there was nice but some original harmonies and melody alteration would come a long way. For me this is a very tough call, borderline even. The production DOES need work but it still sounds quite good all things considered. However as a whole I just can't bring myself to pass this. Please see if you can take another shot at mixing this to give it some more clarity and proper bass frequencies. Sorry! NO(resubmit)
  13. Also, MANDATORY READING REGARDING THIS TOPIC: http://www.racketboy.com/guide/hidden-gems
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